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Girllllls! If you're a makeup junkie and have a drawer or should I say lots of drawers filled with makeup then you must've heard or probably own one or many of Sigma makeup brushes by now, yeah? We got 5 of Sigma's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Brushes by the Sigma Affliate Program and we instantly fell in love with them! Check out their review here.

Khair! Along with Brushes Sigma sent their then newly launched Sigma Spa Mat which is a silicon made glove type mat that efficiently cleans away those stubborn leftover foundation and eye shadows stuck to your bristles of your brushes. How cool is that?!?

They're are quite a few steps to how to use this Spa mat so we decided to give you a step-to-step pictorial on how you can effectively use this mat! I've already done a video tutorial on the steps on my Snapchat @Areesha0logy and that's why the images are a little blurred as I took screenshots from my Snapchat.

First for the informative part - this mat has two side one for the Face Brushes and the other for Eye Brushes which will make you ladies understand what I've been going on about in the pictorial.

This below is the Face Brushes Cleaning side of the Glove: Starting from Rinse- Wash - Refine.

Then there's a Refine Plus section , which I think is super fun!

This is the Eye Brushes Cleaning side on the opposite side of the glove! Again Rinse-Wash-Refine!

Then yup you guessed it ... the Refine Plus Section but to get this you'll have to flip the Refine Plus side of the Eye Brushes Section.

Secondly, the pictorial - you slip it on like I've shown below, or you could also slip in your thumb and pinky finger on the side slits of the glove for better grip:

Its a multitasking glove!
You take the brush in question and start brushing it right to left on the Rinse Section of the glove:

Then you move downwards to the Wash Section of the Sigma Glove and drop a few drops of any mild soap or if you have SigMagic then that onto it:

Once your done with that starting moving your brush in circular motions or any way you'd like on the Wash Section of the glove till you see foam appearing and the residue of the brush coming off.

As you can see the Face Side and Eye Side of the glove have different formats of each side:

Once your done with the Main Washing Section , you'll have to switch on your water tap and move to the Refine Section and move your brush back and forth.

Now, one more thing to note is that the glove has a hidden Refine Plus Section too just to get that extra squeaky finish to your cleaning.

Gently squeeze brush head with your hand to remove excess waterOnce you're through all the steps you end up with these awesome clean set of brushes , that are ready to be dried!

Price & Availability:
It's priced at US $25 and is available on Sigma's Website. For more Details click here!

This is literally the best thing in the makeup industry have come across and we honestly recommend this product to all you girls. No matter what type of makeup brushes you own this Sigma Spa mat will def help you out. It's quick and simple and works well with any type of soap. I used a delicate lavender hand soap, and it foams ups amazingly!

In the end , you have a beautiful bunch of awesome squeaky clean and ready to use brushes after you dry them of course for which they have an awesome new invention the Dry N Shape Tower so you're brushes don't loose their initial functional shape!

Hope you girls liked our detailed review , if you have any question regarding this kindly leave us a comment below or on our Facebook Page and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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