24H Aloe Care by Bottega Verde


Today we're talking about a gentle face cream that you can use any time during the whole day or night, it's a 24 hour self proclaimed skin care cream that smells heavenly.

What we thought about the packaging?
Super simple and easy to open and start using as you can see in the images below. It's a 50 ml jar of awesome moisturizing cream. As you can see the box has all the details of it's ingredients, manufacturing and directions of using it.

As you can see it has a 12 months expiry period , I used it for around 6 months. If I used it more regularly I think I would've been done with it in 3 months time. But it does have a lot in it so if you don't take a palm full of it every time you use it , it'll last you months!

I have combination to dry skin but when winter approaches it becomes only dry sadly, so anyhow I have never found a cream that could moisturize my skin and also not feel heavy and oily on it. That was up until I tried Bottega Verde's 24- hour face cream with moisturizing,soothing aloe vera juice. 
As you must all know Aloe Vera is really good for all skin issues and even healthy for eating but bitter so let's not go there external use is what I prefer hehe, I loved it from the instant I tried it at the shop it has an instant cooling effect when it touches your skin and is super light as it absorbs in a matter of minutes. Makes your feel skin feel moisturized instantly and stays that way for hours honestly.

What you'll see when you unpack it?
It's seal packed so once you open it the freshness and scent is intact and did I mention the scent is beautiful!

Overall, it has been a wonderful moisturizer for me and I am definitely going to repurchase it & would recommend everyone to try it , it's not for a particular skin type as far as I remember but the store staff will help you choose as they have a range of these creams for all skin types, I have dry skin and this one worked for me!

It's available for BD 6.500/- at all Bottega Verde Stores over the world, in Bahrain at Seef Mall Muharraq.

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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