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Assalamalaikum Ladies & Gentlemen,

Today we'd like to show you all, everything that one Lucky Winner of our Third Blogversary Giveaway will get fully sponsored by Wilton Middle East.

Okay , so we'll begin with showing and naming these 16 Decorating Tips:
  • Round 3,5,12.
  • Star 18,21,32,1M.
  • Basket Weave 48.
  • Leaf 352,69.
  • Petal 103,125.
  • Drop Flower 225,109.
  • Multi-Opening 233.
  • Bismark 230.

This Took Caddy also comes with a Tip Brush to clean them to the ends perfectly and a 6 piece Silicone Tip Covers Set.

A flower nail and lifter to create beautiful floral designs on and flowers!
Decorating Tools
Next up, the decorating bags- First, up are the Featherweight Decorating Bags which are 10 inches in size and also 4 couplers to help hold the tip at the end of the decorating bag.

Famous piping bags!
10" Icing bags
16" Professional Decorating Bags
Then there's a bunch of 12 inch Disposable Decorating Bags:

One of them separately looks like this.
Now, for some other fun stuff which all baking enthusiasts will know are Two Bake Even Strips that help in getting heat to equally distribute all around the cake pan so the batter and cake comes out perfectly.

Next up, are two sizes of Angled Spatulas which are of 9 inches and 13 inches.
Icing Spatulas!

Now, for the oh so pretty decorator's preferred tool caddy box itself , it has lots of handy space for you to easily keep your tips and tools handy while you're busy decorating:
It's a beauty!

As you can see there's lots of place to keep your tips onto , while you're busy decorating.

Then, the second level of the caddy, when the first level is removed which you just saw above:

Super spacious as you can see.

And if we keep the lid upside down unlike the first picture this is how it'll look like:

Behind and actually all over the box are images of what's inside so just as recap we're posting the images here:

Super Important Information- you get this Caddy free when you enroll in the Wilton Decorating Course 
and the schedules of the 3 modules they have available on their Facebook Page click now to see them!
The course price is 75 BHD it includes 4 lessons 3 hours each so total of 12 hours plus a Wilton Kit and book upon starting your class or click here to Register or you can email wiltonbahrain@tavola.ae , for any further queries!

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