Lifebuoy Soap becomes Guinness World Record Holder!


So, when was the last time you high fived someone? Can you recall exactly how many times you would've high fived people in your lifetime? Not really! Nowadays, virtual hifives are so common on whtsapp you know the icon! ;)

We just discovered the most fun and craziest thing we've heard! Lifebuoy , the soap company just broke the Guinness World Record of Most Number of Double High-Fives in relay in 60 seconds and created history. Global Handwashing Day is an annual awareness day celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide. Global Handwashing Day aims to put the global spotlight on handwashing with soap as a lifesaving habit. Unilever through its Lifebuoy brand co-founded Global Handwashing Day in 2008.

More details about what happened?
On 22 October 2016 – Unilever’s health soap Lifebuoy celebrated the 9th Global HandwashingDay (GHD) together with famous celebrity, Fahad Mustafa, and other influential people in attendance. This record breaking event was popularly known as #High5forHandwashing and was the biggest GHD event in Pakistan, with 20,000 participants. Through this initiative, Lifebuoy will give back to society by saving many precious lives, as each high five will lead to teaching 5 kids the act of handwashing. Lifebuoy aims to save more and more lives this way under the ‘help a child reach 5’ platform.
17 celebrities participated in this campaign, namelyWaseem AkhramSyraShehrozeAnoushey Ashraf, Saira KabeerYassir Hussain, Adnan Siddiqui, Zhalay Sarhadi, Sonya HussainAashir WajahatFeroze Khan, Sajal Aly, Ali Zafar, Ahsan Khan, Shahzad Sheikh, Hareem Farooq amongst many others. 
Lifebuoy runs the world’s largest hygiene behaviour change programme and has already reached over 337 million people across the globe since 2010. As part of Lifebuoy’s commitment to decreasing child mortality and to the Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan, Lifebuoy is aiming to change the handwashing behaviour of one billion people by 2020.

Handwashing with soap is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce preventable diseases like diarrhoea and pneumonia – the main causes of child mortality. Millions of parents across the world do not have the same privilege often because of a simple lack of hygiene awareness. Handwashing with soap is a simple action, but one that can make a big difference. Join us in helping spread the social message.

With the Public Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW) Lifebuoy co-founded Global Washing Day in 2009 to bring greater attention to handwashing as a key public intervention. Today, the PPPHW is present in 15 countries across four continents.

This intervention also aims to contribute to Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG 4) - to reduce the mortality of children under five by two-thirds by 2016. Handwashing with soap is one of the most effective and low cost ways to prevent diseases like pneumonia and diarrhoea, which stop 1.7 million children every year reaching their fifth birthday. Put simply, this modest but lifesaving act could help a lot more children reach the age of five.
What you need to know about Lifebuoy?
As the world’s leading health soap, Lifebuoy aims to make a difference by creating accessible hygiene products (soap) and promoting healthy hygiene habits.  With this in mind, Lifebuoy aims to change the hand washing behaviour of one billion people by 2020. Since 2010 Lifebuoy has changed the hand washing behaviours of 257 million people across 24 countries. 
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Who is Unilever?
The brand that owns Lifebuoy is Unilever which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of Food, Home and Personal Care products with sales in over 190 countries. We work with 174,000 colleagues around the world and generated annual sales of €49.8 billion in 2013. Over half of our company’s footprint is in the faster growing developing and emerging markets (57% in 2013). Working to create a better future every day, we help people feel good, look good and get more out of life. Our portfolio includes some of the world’s best known brands, 14 of which - Knorr, Persil / Omo, Dove, Sunsilk, Hellmann’s, Surf, Lipton, Rexona / Sure, Wall’s ice cream, Lux, Flora / Becel, Rama / Blue Band, Magnum and Axe / Lynx - now generate a turnover of €1 billion or more. 

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