Heels by C.I.S


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love heels and if you've all read all about the awesome store that opened up last year Call It Spring , you'd know that I picked up a beautiful pair from them which I adore to this day and had to show you all! I've wore them on many occasions but in today's post it was for an evening out in one of my most favorite and decorated abaya's as you can see below black on black always work and gives an effortless chic look!

Now, please have a closer look at the heels because they deserve all the attention hehe. They are around 4 inches high and I felt it has a perfect grip due to the ankle support as well as the strap above our toes as you can see below, makes walking much easier and effortless.

And if you have a look at them from behind the circular shape again helps in giving some added support to our heels as well as covering them. I also love the colour it's jet black with lots of glitter all over it so it can help you glamorize any outfit easily.

I paired them with this pretty clutch and strap purse I bought myself from the wonderful welcome launch party and availed a discount on it which was a complete steal because it cost me only BD. 4/- , I can vouch for the quality therefore it's worth every penny at full price too.

Have you visited Call It Spring yet? If you haven't, it's situated on the ground floor of City Centre,Bahrain opposite to Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works. 

Happy Shopping,
The Syeda Sisters

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