Trying out the NEW Trident gum in Pakistan!


Chewing gum has been a staple snack of ours since like we were allowed to have gum by our parents. We remember very clearly that we weren't allowed to eat bubble gum since it could choke us which always made us wonder when we'll grow old enough to eat bubble gum without restrictions. Time flew and so did our fantasies of chewing bubble gum.

Now the only time we, honestly, remember to buy Chewing gum is probably before we travel to skip those nasty ear blocks that happen during take-offs. We never really bother un-wrapping even after buying the gum cuz the only time we would remember that we had chewing gum with us would be after going through all that dreadful ear block after take-off or after landing to our destination lol.
Awesome Care Package!

I'm sure if you like a gum you're more likely to buy it again and again after trying it out. This time we were sent a humongous package by Trident Gum which recently launched in Pakistan. Now we already knew about this brand since way longgg but never actually tried it out.This time we tested 4 of their exciting flavors.

We loved the care package they sent over it came complete with a variety of their flavors in small and full packaging as well as an uber cool notebook which for a student like me is super helpful and a pen, which has an awesome grip.

Which one did I like the most?
We love love love Trident Watermelon flavor, if you're on twitter and are following the #Worldsno1gum then you would've noticed almost every one talking about how gooood the water melon tastes. All of them do give an instant rush of freshness!

What flavors we got?




THE BEST PART: they're Sugar free! that's amazing! Many chewing gum tends to have added sugar's as a sweetener, While chewing gums benefits your jawline and strengthens your facial muscles, sweetener's can decay your teeth the longer they stick around your mouth the more the chances of getting cavities! Sugar Free gums like Trident will simply avoid such ordeals! They also give you a fresh breath so if you have frequent complains of bad breath try out Trident gum now!

Are these Halal?
All ingredients and the entire manufacturing process are halal certified.
All flavors of Trident being sold by Mondelez Pakistan Ltd. DO NOT contain gelatin or alcoholic sweeteners. In fact, artificial sweeteners are used as sugar substitutes, these are present in appropriate levels in all units of Trident. The product being sugar free is a great advantage too. Rest assured all these products being sold here are halal and halal certified too.

So guys, have you tried Trident gum yet? If you have, then tell us in the comments what's your favorite flavor?

Availability: Trident Gum is available all over Pakistan & in all leading super/Hyper markets in Pakistan.

Keep Smiling,
Syeda Omaimah

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