Review: Liquid Define Liner & & Mascara by Eye of Horus!


Okay girls, in today's post which we should have done way long ago because we bragged about it on all of our social media , well finally penning down a proper blog post all about the details you'll need to know about it.We'll be talking about two of their awesome products- Eyeliner & Mascara,

First off the packaging which is sturdy and black , love the contrast with the golden makes it so much more appealing don't you think? So the box contains all the ingredient details as well as the instructions about how to use the product.

The mascara weighs 8 grams with the box and the eye liner just 2 grams!

Review: As you'll see when you scroll below the eye liner- namely Liquid Define as it's rightly called comes in a sturdy and travel friendly packaging easy to close the lid and feels and even looks just like a marker pen. It most definitely is waterproof and does not budge you can squiggle your eyes all you want and cry too without worrying about your eyeliner smudging or budging!

Another awesome point to mention is that they were the first of mostly all of the brands to produce a felt tip liner , we think all the other brands jumped the bandwagon way later because we got this beginning of last year.

 I've used it a lot thus the slight bend, rest assured it comes with a perfectly pointed tip. It has a great tip that allows has a good controlled flow and easy application.

Review: As for the mascara, it's true to all the claims about it , it's a celebrity used best seller and it has reason to be! As you'll see in the swatches below it gave me a perfect tint of black as well as volume and curls what more do I need from an awesome mascara it's waterproof too, dries in minutes so you don't have to worry about slowing down the fluttering of your lashes. Did not cause any sort of irritation to my eyes.

So Pretty!
Loved the color pay off it's dark and just the way I wanted it to be , the eye images sadly don't do justice.

Price & Availability:
The Liquid Define Eye Liner is priced at $30 and available online with worldwide shipping on this link:
The Goddess Mascara is priced at $34.95 and is available at

If you'd like to know anything else at all about these beauties kindly send us an email to or leave your comments below we'll get back to you ASAP.

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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