Tommy Hilfiger A/W '16 Collection Launch!


So last weekend this happened! We were invited to the launch of Tommy Hilfiger Kids Autumn Winter Collection Launch mainly because of the back to school time going on and Eid being right around the corner it was perfect timing we feel to host the launch oh and they had a discount of 25% off on the complete collection that day and if you spend BD. 75 they were gifting these super cute Tommy Hilfiger themed bags.

Here's the view as you enter the store...(with me strolling in the background)

The first thing we did was take a stroll over the huge spread of a store they have and there's literally everything an apparel shop should or could have. 

Beginning from the right side of the store there's the men's formal and winter collection followed by men's tee shirts,pants and shorts etc.. Followed by a small section of scents and ties,socks,shoes and bags and also suit coats for men. After that towards the end of the shop they have the Denim section filled with denim and more causal collection for men...there's just so much variety that you're sure to find something for everyone.

This is part of the shoes section of the men.
The ladies casual and winter collection has a great variety and they also had purses, handbags, heels of all sorts, informal snickers,flats part of the collection is situated on the left section at the beginning of the store and the other part on the extreme end of the left side section of the store.In between these is the kids section.

They had these cute treats for the kids! Biscuits and Cakepops all Tommy Hilfiger themed! They also had a cute photo booth in which kids could get pictures taken in their favorite clothes from the collection and email themselves a gif version of the shoot. Was great fun I took a few too , I'll post them in the next post!

Chocolate & Vanilla Cake Pops!
Last but certainly not the least details about the children's section, which takes up 1/4 of the shop on the left side of the shop in between the ladies apparel section starting from new born and baby wear to toddlers and you don't children section they cater to kids apparel from age 1-13 years.

Baby Collection! So cute!!
Below, you can see part of the latest boys children Autumn Winter Collection followed by an image of the girls dresses and tops section.

These below are some of our favorites from the kids collection.

Overall, the launch was a success the collection was amazing and so was the discount and the fun activities. We reached there at around 6:30pm and people kept coming n shopping till 9pm... yes, we were there for quite a while covering the event and trying to find something to buy but we were spoiled for choice and it took us so long to decide anyhow we made good decisions towards the end got our little brother a formal Polo Shirt and an casual Tee both are awesome will be doing a post on the picks by next week as our brother will be wearing them on Eid.

We'd like to thank the Apparel Group especially Ms. Bharti for inviting us over to the launch and their generosity as always had a lovely time catching up!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters 

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