Tutorial tuesday: Masala rolls


Asalamualaikum sisters!

How's everybody fasts going? I've been fasting 15 hours a day & to be honest it isn't as tough as it sounds ^_^ the hunger pangs only begin an hr or 2 before we break our fasts & that's the best time to keep yourself busy with either reading the Quran or preparing Iftari :)

So since it's Ramadan & it's been months since I blogged any recipes or tutorials, today I am going to share a tutorial on how to make Masala rolls. What are masala rolls? Well as it's name suggest, masala rolls are like your average coiled Cinnabon rolls except with a different filling. We're sharing three different fillings for your rolls, each of them are delicious on their own. For this tutorial I'm using our  Soft bun dough  recipe that we posted earlier last year & had a great response too. 

So without further due lets begin.

For the filling-

We haven't specified the quantity of each ingredient as it's up to you, how much you require.

Asian style-

Tomato ketchup
Chopped onions
Crushed Red chilli 
Chopped fresh green chilli

Italian style-

Cheese of your choice
Tomato ketchup

Middle eastern style-

Olive oil.


First preheat your oven to 180 degrees. After proofing the dough give it a quick knead to make it shrink to its orginal form & then half the dough in two portions. 4 cups of flour is enough to make 2 rolled out dough base. Then Roll out your dough till it's quarter inch thick & spread ketchup or tomato paste over it.Then sprinkle the above ingredients for either of the Asian or Italian style masala rolls. As for the middle eastern style roll, if you've worked with Zaater before, you'll know it's a dry powder so it's mixed with olive oil to form a paste type texture. Spread that all over your bread and they're ready to roll.

Italian style

Now simply roll in the dough width wise (tightly) like you would roll a Swiss roll or sushi ^_^. After you're done, gently with the your palms roll it forward and backwards to elongate the roll slighty.

When you're done simple chop them into 1 inch thick slices. WARNING: this part might be slightly messy because the ketchup will try to ooze out!

Place all the slices side by side in a greased pan & with your fingers slighty push the rolls downwards like shown in the images

Then you pop it into the oven for 15-20 minutes or till you think they're done!
Et Voila! Your masala rolls are ready to enjoy! 

Masala Rolls are a perfect addition to your Iftar meals & also a nice way to impress your guests & best of all the kids will love it!

We hope you liked today's easy peasy tutorial! Do give it a try and let us know how you did on the comment section below or on our Facebook page!👍

Till the next post,
Have a Blessed Ramadan
Remember us in your Prayers
Lots of love,
The Syeda Sisters

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