The Month of Ramadan is here!


Asalamualaikum sisters!

First of All We would like to Wish all our followers Ramadan Mubarak!

The Month every Muslim waits for the whole year is finally Here! The month of Forgiveness, the Month of Mercy and the Month of Blessings, The month when The Shaytaan(satan) is chained, The month when the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are shut, The month when the reward for every good deeds, acts of charity and acts of worship are tremendously multiplied, and the month when we try to become better muslims and thus better human beings; The Month of Ramadan is finally here! ^_^

Ramadan is the most special month in the Islamic calendar. It's the month when the Holy Qur'an was revealed as a guidance for the whole humanity and not just for the Arabs. Ramadan is the month when Allah gave the Muslims victory in there most greatest battle at Badr (also the first battle attended by Muslims) .

In this Month Muslims all over the world Fast from sunrise to sunset, now since its June the days is longer compared to winter and the night are shorter and hence Muslims will have to fast for more hours. We'll be fasting for 15 hours! 

 This might sound harsh since the temperature in Bahrain now a days reaches above 40 degrees very often, but this is the whole point of fasting, to make you feel what people in famine stricken countries go through almost everyday.To be honest we at least look forward to a fine meal at Iftar but they don't even know where they'll get their next meal from!

When you experience hunger you feel what your brothers/sisters in such countries are going through, you become more grateful and help the needy as much a you can. It is this passion that makes you stronger spiritually, mentally and physically. 

Allah mentions is the Holy Quran-

"Oh you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that you many learn piety and righteousness" (Q 2:183)
..And it is better for you that ye fast, if ye only knew." (Q 2:184)

Beware of how Fasts can be destroyed-

1-The telling of a lie 
4-Taking a false oath 
5-Being greedy or covetousness.

"Don’t let this Ramadan be just a holiday of rituals. Don’t finish reading the Quran without it transforming you. Don’t feed your body at suhoor, but starve your heart of Qiyam. Don’t reduce this downpour of mercy to just a month of sweets and lavish iftars. Seek Him, you will find. Take a sincere step towards change, transformation, redemption. If you do, you will find Him in front of you. Find Him this month. He’s been there all along. Closer than your jugular vein. Look and you’ll find. Walk and you’ll arrive." -Yasmin Mogahed

We should try our bests to be as productive as we can this Ramadan, because you never know if this Ramadan is your last Ramadan! Gives you the creep, doesn't it? 
Lets try to spend more time on our salah mats, try to finish the whole Quran this month(In Sha Allah), do a lot of dhikr and make Dua for all the Muslims & Non muslims(Hidayah) around the world. 
We should also try to waste less time on making lavish feast for Iftar and suhoor and by that I dont mean to break and start your fasts with dates and water even though to be honest there are many muslims out there who actually do that and its The Sunnah!

 I just mean to keep it simple, we're Pakistani and boy are our iftar's far for simple, fried food is a must....sometimes the Azaan for maghrib happens while moms deep frying the samosa, and she misses saying the Dua before the Iftar!

Also reduce sleeping unnecessarily all day and staying awake all night trying to keep your eyes open till suhoor, unless your actually up doing Ibadah ! & stop watching those "Ramadan special" tv dramas that are made to distract your worship as well ( i mean do you know how interesting those dramas are comapred to the everyday serial)

Here are a few ways we all can have a productive Ramadan-

I hope you Benefit from all these links and images In Sha Allah!
All of the above are a reminder for ourselves first and foremost!
May Allah accept our Fast and Ibadah and make it a way to extinguish all our sins, and
Help our brothers and sisters Syria,Palestine, Burma, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa and make it easy for them and make there lives better from this month onwards ! Ameen !

Please remember us in your Duas!


The Syeda Sisters!

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