Clinique Gift Haul !


Salam our lovely readers!

Yes! Finally a new blog post! We have a makeup review coming up next but we just kept on delaying it for one image that we just couldn't get the time to snap -.- we so lazy.

Anywho, a few days ago our mom got a pretty surprise. She won a raffle draw in our local mall. It was a treasure hunt prepared by the mall staff. Everyday for 10 days (I think) they had a store in their mall give a gift hamper by following a few steps on their Instagram and then rushing to the mall within an hour and entering a raffle draw. The day we went, Paris Gallery, a famous outlet that's home to quite well known makeup and skincare products, were giving a gift hamper from Clinique.

 Oh! The excitement! The mall was more than half an hour drive from our home, so we reached there exactly 15 minutes before it was going to end and filled up our coupons & waited for the next hour to get a phone call IF one of us won!

The Gift Box!
As soon as the hour struck we were staring at our phones hoping that one of us would get a call ^_^. 

Nope, 15 minutes past, we grew impatient. We walked towards the information kiosk, perhaps there was someone else recieving the prize, we thought to ourselves. But then, mom's phone rings for less than a second. Wait, what? Did the mall staff just give us a misscall x'D, yup, it was them! As mom walked towards the kiosk & told them about the misscall (LOL) we sneaked from far away trying to decode moms hand gestures & finally when she was done she turned back with a huge grin, yup, and gave us a thumbs up haha, shes so cute.

She got a big red gift box with four Clinique items (deets below) and a fake rose lol! YAYYYY, Alhamdulillah. 

All that running around the mall trying to get to Paris Gallery on time and then waiting for an hour was totally worth it! :)

Here's what mom got, we're sure we'll be using the products more often than mom herself hehe.

Beyond rose."An elegant rose with spicy undertones and a tantalizing trail of Amber" is Clinique's newly released perfume ...eeee... .

Clinique Liquid Facial soap. This is used right in the beginning in their 3-steps skin care routine for oily skin. I (Omaimah) love facial washes, I'm sure I'll be the first one to try it out!

"Clinique All about Shadow Quad".
It's a four shades palette perfect for Smokey eyes with a cute step to step tutorial sticker on its mirror.

"Clinique Blushing Blush" powder blush. Shade- 101 aglow. It's so peachy!
Yup, that's all!Hope you all liked our little adventure hehe. We can't wait to review all the products. 

We're still working on renovating/editing our blog as you can see its a bit normal now. 
Can you guys suggest any good fonts and design for our header? 

Till the next post.
Have fun ;)

The Syeda Sisters.

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