Tuesday tutorial: No stitch shrug


Asalamualaikum sisters!
Apologies for a late blogpost! My laptop broke down recently and I was completely cut off with the blogging world :( I hope it gets fixed ASAP I got lots of things to do with my blog layout ^_^

Today I'll be sharing a simple tutorial of a lovely draped shrug made with a long scarf or shawl that's been sitting in your cupboard for ages maybe?
 And the best part is you don't need to stitch it up *~* just a few knots and you've got yourself an elegant looking shrug that'll go well with every outfit! 
Also it's a perfect modest wear if you think your sleeves are to fitted or short!

So let's begin!

I used a old black & white striped shawl used my mom once. Shockingly it is 106 inches long and 20 inches wide & that's maybe the reason why it was sitting in her closet for years o.O .
You can use a shorter one, but make sure it's rectangular in shape. 

1- Fold the material in half, length wise.
2- Hold the top of the two ends (A & B) and tie them into a knot.
3- Tie another knot to secure it.
4- Now this is what it'll look sideways.  No.1 is the closed end right before the loops that'll act live sleeves. No.2 is the open end which you split creating the front part of your shrug.
5- it will look something like this after you open it.
6- place your hands through the two loops like so :- 
7-now you'll have a draped shrug in front of you. If you want you can stop there and wear the shrug in this style or you can continue by following the image below. What I did was flip those draped pieces behind my shoulders like the arrows below show.
8- now depending on how much material is hanging in front that created the drape, you can adjust how long or short you want it to be from behind.
9- adjust from the front as well so it looks equally elegant.

And VOILA! You've got yourself a quick and super chic shrug that goes well with everything! 
I hope you like today's tutorial, do try it out and let us know how it went! 

Till the next post,
Stay happy sisters <3

The Syeda Sisters

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