Late night henna sessions!


Assalamualaikum Sisters!

It's been a while since we blogged a henna related post, so here's a special one! 
Some really close family friends returned from Karachi, Pakistan recently and these amazing people got us a henna cone all the way from our homeland! Isn't that the sweetest thing? :)

Now why are we making sucha fuss, well then let me tell you henna from Karachi (not sure about whole Pakistan) are the best ones we've tried. The stain is perfect , not too dark and not too light. Just the perfect maroon color. Beside that, the consistency of the henna is just right. No need to chop of the end to get that right circle for the right amount of henna to flow out (this might sound alien language to you if you're not familiar with using a cone, hehe)

 So,for the past few weeks we've been trying out henna designs on our palms and the back of our hands at quite late hours of the night or shall I say early morning? :P We like to put henna in a relaxed atmosphere, after completing all chores and when there is no one a around to interrupt us. Unfortunately that only happens when we're about to go to bed :( and we're such slow pokes since we're not pro's therefore it takes us hours to get done with one hand, yeah you must be thinking "we?, for one hand?" Yes, we share lol. When one of us gets too nervous to apply a particular design we're not used to or the one we mess up usually, the other one volunteers to help out ! ^_^

Here are a few experiments with the That henna cone ... which we applied a night before an Indian wedding we had to attend. A few of them are inspirations from other pro henna designers and few are a result to brain storming.

Henna done by Omaimah on her own hand. 

This is how the stain turned out on Omaimah's hand.

  Henna stain on Omaimah's hand, designed by both of us.

Stain of henna done by Areesha on her own fingertips.

  Henna done by Omaimah on Areesha's hand.

Do let us know how we did in the Comments below!

Stay tuned for another henna blog post since there is another wedding happening very soon and we've got henna left in the henna cone! Yay! Hopefully this time we'll try not to pull an all nighter hehe! ;) 

Till the next post,
Keep smiling 
 The Syeda Sisters

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