Eid-ul-Adha Henna 2013.


brain storming at morning of Eid
Asalamualaikum!Yes! Finally got some time to blog about our Fave stuff <3 we're so sorry for keeping you guys waiting!

baked some croissants too!
This Eid we had a lot of fun since we had the Qurbani done here, normally we have it done back in Karachi. & our relatives came over from Dammam for a short visit, so that was just wonderful, oh and the house hopping sessions were the usual, except less tiring^_^ Alhamdoullilah!

Eid without cake?...impossible^_^
And Omaimah got an unexpected cold that resulted in her sounding like a guy the whole 3 days of Eid, LOL! We're really excited to share Henna we did this Eid, since both of us experimented Arabic henna for the first time on our neighbors hands ^_^
Its going to be almost a month since Eid-ul-Adha got over, so this blog-post was really pending on our to-do list.
Since we usually skip to the images when we Google henna posts by other, I, (Omaimah) bet everyone else probably does the same, so enough with the chit chat and Enjoy!
If you to get a darker color, faster..here's a tip : 

lil Ms.neighbor requested this design to be done on her hand by Omaimah
omaimah trying to brain storm again (-_-) on poor lil Ms.Neighbors hand
are fav design, a.k.a"tippa" done by Areesha
Arabic design experiment by Areesha 
and this hand was done by Omaimah
With did the same design on both hands, we had no clue whether or not we could pull it of when she showed this design to us, we were just staring at each other for a few seconds and smiling before we started, so now tell us who did it better?

areesha trying out the butterfly design
Done By Areesha
(Omaimah's not so good editing skills)
So guys, hope you liked our henna designs and we'll keep updating our blog more frequently from now In Sha Allah!
till then, Remember us in your Dua's
The Syeda Sisters!

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