The Silver Kick Diary Turns 3 !!!


So its 2014! seriously? Just when you start to accept the fact that its 2013...BOOM! 2014 happens!
Hope this years brings a lot of happiness and prosperity to everyone! Ameen.

 Back to the post, so last month the The Silver kick diaries had its 3rd Anniversary and the Blogger
 behind it, the lovely +Shabana Feroze (Fashion & lifestyle blogger) 
threw an little garden party for her followers at Block 338. 

It was lovely tbh and we finally got to meet Shabana at last & got to socialize with new people too.
The dress code was "Gorgeous you" so everyone wore what they knew they looked gorgeous in, and for us, it took quite a few days thinking about what to wear x'D

 We honestly had so much fun as Shabana made sure everyone had a good time.

 As soon as we entered we got a warm welcome by the Blogger and she directed us to put on our name tags, yup she even made name tags, how cute!
omaimah's name tag
  Then we signed her diary as a memoir for the 3rd anniversary of TSKD.
Areesha signing the Diary
They're red velvet cupcakes too *drools*, its a shame we only had one :'(
om nom nom ^_^
  A Photo booth with cute props was placed in the garden to make sure everyone had the day pictured.
 It was actually quite fun trying out different stuff and looking ridiculously funny at times :'D
Everyone left with not one but two Goody bags, 
one from Shabana and another one sponsored by the clothing outlet, New look :)
Ok, so lets start from TSKD goody bag.

The bag had our name tag as well with a smiley face =)
Since we both went we got a goody bag each so thats why their two of each gift in all the images ;)
First there was pretty stained glass jewellery box,
 perfect for ear rings for us (y) 
or rings if you own a lot of them.
Second, a Classic stow away mirror ^_^
Its exterior looked like those chinese inspired paintings, 
If you know what im talking about :D 

We really love little things like these that we can carry around in our purses.
As you can see in the image you can adjust the mirror and turn it into a stand-able one.
There were actually two types of mirror in it, the one shown in the image above shows an enlarge image perfect for when putting make up
while the other gave a normal image, so its two in one mirror :)
The New look bag had two gifts as well, 
 A chic  make up bag with a pretty little bow, 
you could use it as a purse as well if you like.
make up bags :D
and their was a gift voucher by the New Look team, Love it!
The Gift Vouchers :)
We really loved and enjoyed all the gifts and would like to give a BIG Thank You to Shabana Feroze for the awesome garden party. We really had fun with the photo booth and the cupcakes and of course the goody bags and we really appreciate it :)
Thank you so much and congratulation once again :)

So as you can see December was a fun filled month for us, we attended the Youth Care Conference II and  saw fireworks 2 days in rows, even though they were being displayed everyday for almost a week.

We will upload their videos on our Facebook page, Don't forget to like us :)

Till the next post,

Take care and keep smiling
The Syeda sisters

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