We're really thrilled about Today's blog post since we'll be watching live all our favorite speakers from around the world.

  After the awesome success of Youth Care Conference 2013, SAY ONE CARE presents Women's Care Conference 2013 with the Aim to spread awareness about Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer !

We have been looking forward to it since the end of the Youth Care Conference, So many world renowned orators will be giving talks on various topics relating to women in Islam, In Sha Allah.
 Never did we imagine that Mufti Ismail Musa Menk will be speaking live in Bahrain.

Like if that wasn't enough to make us jump up and down Say One Care started announcing other big names like the son of the very famous and well known comparative Religion speaker Zakir Naik, Fariq Naik as well as his wife Farhat Naik.

The women's only talk will include Dr.Farhat Hashmi from Canada and Fatima Barkatulla from London, and Najmah Mohammad from Bahrain.
 We were already Super excited & honored to be volunteering again and then Say One Care's Team announced the Venue which took our excitement to another level ; right in our neighborhood!
 We can not wait to see how it will turn out as you can see in the below flyers there will be activities for every age group!
Hijama (Cupping therapy) will be one of the main attractions of the event along with Bazaar stalls,kids corner henna and face painting!

Don't miss it! 
Date: 31st Oct,1st Nov & 2nd Nov, 2013 
Timings: 3 PM to 9 PM.
Hunainiya Park, West Riffa (ehind Riffa Fort)
+973 36222608 (Brothers)
+973 32223962 (Sisters)

Register NOW please:

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In Sha Allah a complete family event not to be missed!
 So PLEASE mark your calenders for next weekend to attend this memorable event and honestly the weather is so beautiful in Bahrain nowadays that it would be silly  not to visit!!!
So be there and support cancer awareness with us!

See you there, In Sha Allah
The Syeda Sisters.

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