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-Baba's Birthday cake

So its Tuesday again and we are blogging our 4th tutorial, 
did you check out the previous 3 tutorials? if you haven't then click on the tutorial icon on our drop down bar and have a look!
We're really excited as always with today's tutorial ^_^
*Drum roll*
Checker Board Cake!

Checkerboard cake 
Well the name says it all, A cake whose interior looks like a checker board!
Just in case you think it looks complicated let us assure you its so easy and simple to make and looks ridiculously cute, perfect for small occasions (y)
we've experimented this cake a few times now and so we decided to give you guys a tutorial on it!

Lets begin:
First you will need two cakes each being a different color, you can also use 3 different colored cakes but since it'll be your first time it would be better to experiment with only 2 colors now cuz more than that can get tricky, and once you're used to assembling you can go for 3 or even more colors!

lil bro birthday cake di-colored checkerboard cake
tri coloured cake batter
You can use any sponge cake recipe that you're used too or cake box mix.
First separate the batter into two/three bowls and add the desired  food coloring ,we always leave one cake batter its original(white) color.
Over here for the di-coloured checker board cake we baked a chocolate cake and plain cake, and for the tri-colored checker board cake we baked a plain, chocolate and pink colored cake!
pour the batters into 2 or 3 round cake pans (same size) and place in the oven depending on whatever time your cake's recipe tells you to.
When done baking, let the cakes cool down if your going with di-coloured cakes than you will have a 2 layer cake and 3 layered cake if you go with the tri-coloured cake. 

After Baking
The circular cut outs
 First you'll need 3 different sizes of cookie cutters (each one 2 cms bigger than each other)...doubt anyone owns a large enough cookie cutter so you can use different size plates and place them on the cake and cut around them.
 We used a different method since we didnt have either of the options with us :
we cut a newspaper into 4 circular strips, each radius was 2 cm bigger than the next, then place each circle strip on the cake and cut neatly with a knife, do that with the other three circular strips and voila you are a step closer to getting your checker board cake ready!

how to assemble a di-colored cake

Now that you've cut your cakes into circles start assembling them. You have to assemble them in such a way that when you layer them over each you dont have the same color on top of another. It wont be that hard with di-coloured cake but it can get a lil confusing with tri-coloured cakes.
To get an idea of how to assemble cakes we are attaching a photo of which colour to put where ^_^

How to assemble a tri-colored cake
Now when you start mixing and matching make sure you add butter cream as it'll act like a glue in between the circles.

Assembling the 2nd layer
2nd Layer done
Assembling the 3rd layer
3rd and final layer done!
Then after you have finished the puzzle (lol) layer them on top of each other and crumb coat with buttercream.
Crumb coat
Keep it to rest in the fridge and frost it with your favourite icing we went for Chocolate ganache in tri-coloured and whipping cream for di-coloured checkerboard cake.
You can use butter cream or the above mentioned or even marzipan or Fondant!
The roses are made out of Swiss meringue butter cream and we used Wilton tip 104 to make them.
And voila your check board cake is ready!

What it looked like from inside, TADA!
We hope you liked today's tutorial, and found it simple!

If you like baking then you should try making this cake, it'll get boring if you keep making the same old cake!
Till our next post

Tc, Love,
The Syeda Sisters.

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