Nouman Ali Khan LIVE in Bahrain!



YES ,you read it right !

 The one and only Nouman Ali Khan will be speaking live in Bahrain on 10th and 11th September 2013. 
Its the most talked about event right now in the kingdom and hundreds have already registered to attend this once in a lifetime event.

We are so excited that the moment we heard about this we made our minds to volunteer at this event. 
We will be blogging about the event after its finishes so those out of Bahrain stay tuned!

He'll be attending the Youth Care Conference 2013 hosted by the Say One Care organisation and stopping by the Kingdom of Bahrain on his world tour.
If you wont make it to the event you can watch the live streaming of the event on 😊
Just in case you do not know who he is, Nouman Ali Khan is the head of Bayinnah, an Arabic and Quran studies institute, a well known Orator from The United States of America, his lectures are heard from people all over the world from different backgrounds most often on Youtube and he is looked upon as an Inspiration by millions of youngsters. 

The entrance is free of charge but you do have to register online on this website.
The Event will start from 8 pm In Sha Allah, and he'll be talking about "True Friends" on Tuesday 10 Sept and "Responsibility" on Wednesday 11 Sept at Al Fateh Masjid aka The Grand Mosque. ^_^

 So hope to see you there ! In Sha Allah.

The Syeda Sisters.

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