Eid-ul-Fitr OOTD


Parcel all the way from Karachi
A few days before Eid-ul-Fitr we received a DHL parcel with our Eid clothes in it on our doorsteps from Pakistan from our mom's awesome siblings ^_^
 Oh the excitement, you should have seen us, Areesha was ready to leave her office but she delayed just to see the clothes, she even said if the package arrives after she goes to work we all would have to wait till she returns home in the evening to open it -_- so Alhamdulillah for that!
Omaimah although half asleep, couldn't handle the excitement and hurried to try on her dress as soon as we opened the parcel and after she wore it she kept on staring in front of the mirror adoring her dress!
We immediately emailed our aunts on how wonderful the clothes are ^_^
Honestly we are one blessed family to have such amazing people on our side!

 we don't know what we would've done without them!
Omaimah Outfit on Eid-ul-Fitr by Nishat Linen
We've been planning to blog about a OOTD since we started this blog but we just didn't get the time to take pictures we'd always be in a hurry to get to our destination that taking pictures was not an option xD 
We think its the amount of time we take to dress up lol.
 Areesha insisted to take pictures of her outfit after we returned from the house hoping session that's why our clothes might look a little creased in the pictures and ignore our photo editing skills we know they're aren't so awesome!
 lets face it we don't own a DSLR pro camera like the other fashion bloggers in Bahrain neither do we know our way around Adobe photoshop xD

Today we'll be posting omaimah outfit of the day on the 1st day for eid, and In sha Allah when we get over our procrastination you might see Areesha's Eid OOTD very soon!
So since we're Pakistani its a norm for us to wear shalwar kameez on Eid, we normally sleep in them sometimes lol that's how much we love our Shalwar kameez's.
Over to Omaimah:
I wore a lovely royal blue Kameez  from Nisha by Nishat linen (A well known clothing line in Pakistan) and my aunts got a daisy yellow Palazzo pants tailor made instead of a shalwar.
This flowy/baggy kameez are trending in Pakistan, many wear it with churidaar usually!
In this dress I love how everything was kept simple there wasn't much bling bling (lol) just a few statement designs like a pocket (surprisingly, cuz there no such thing as pockets in traditional shalwar kameez)
and embroidery on the back of the Kameez.
The embroidery on the back(left) and pocket(right)
I love the neck design, I don't know what we call it but it resembles a turtle neck ! 
One side (left) is 3 inches above the shoulder and it slides down to the left with the other end splitting open and touching the left shoulder! I hope you understand my description lol!
 In the image below you see my finger on top left (blurred) holding up the end which is suppose to be upright but it wasn't cuz its made out of linen ^_^ love how it didn't feel itchy at all!

The neck ^_^
At the back of the Kameez there was embroidery by golden thread done right under the over lapping turtle neck!
Embroidery on the back and notice the turtle neck bulging
The kameez ended with a plate which was matching with the Palazzo's pants color, I must say that I was pretty impressed at how my aunts got it perfectly matched with the plate's color since they got the palazzo pant tailored.
the Over all look from the back!
 I wore a Palazzo pant instead of a shalwar or whats most people wear, a churidaar.
Palazzo pants /Flare /farara /dhaka pajama ; I heard a lot of new names by girls who wore similar dresses in Eid. Palazzo pant is normally a western clothing, Its flowy look makes it resemble to a skirt, and its so multi purpose you can wear it with formal shirts for office wear!
terrible editing skills, I hope you can see what my palazzo pants looks like
Shockingly nowadays its become trend to eliminate the dupatta (a scarf/shawl worn usually on the chest or over the head) from the whole shalwar kameez dress code, which is inappropriate and against our Islamic morals!
Normally when you see the original designs of the type of kameez I'm wearing on the net, there will be no such thing as dupatta being sold with it! Apparently its so loose and drapey (is that even a word?) its removes the need of wearing a dupatta lol !
Me wore a daisy yellow dupatta matching to the palazzo pants (tailor made as well) ^_^
Eid shoes of the day ^_^
And top it off with some golden flip flops aka Chappal in Urdu.
 You would've noticed that this isn't any ordinary Chappal which you can get Anywhere!
 That's cuz my mom gave it a makeover with her stored up laces in a Danish biscuit box, if you're a Pakistani and frequently been to mehndi's in Pakistan you would have noticed the lining on my Chappal on duppata's or on borders of the neck and sleeves!
 My mom can be so creative some time MashaAllah!
 Everyone noticed the Chappal and asked where we got it from they were amazed when I told them mom revamped it :)

So guys that's the end of first Outfit of the day, we know we talked a lot today , I hope you liked our clothes and we'll try to be more professional with our pictures next time InshaAllah!

The Syeda sisters

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