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A lil something during a visit at a family friends place for the first time
First of all Eid Mubarak to all our followers! 
we pray that Allah accepts all our fasts and make us pious, Ameen!
Done by Areesha on our neighbors hand 
Since its Eid and you would have noticed in our previous post about henna, we mentioned how our Eid's  incomplete without putting henna!

Today we'll be sharing pictures of our henna which we did this eid and what all we did on that day!
so we start off with putting henna on our wonderful neighbors, 3 sweet sisters, Two of them wanted henna on the back of their hands and one wanted henna on her o_O
Omaimah felt awful with the henna design she did on the youngest sister(see last pic)

they actually came at 2 am in the night or to be honest we invited them at 2 am ,
they didn't mind cuz their like us ..night people... we stay up all night...made it a habit in Ramadan,
 anyways so we finish putting henna on their hand at around 4 am or was it 5?

Done by Omaimah with a lil help from areesha on neighbor's hand
The sky was starting to light up and we were freaking out cuz we started to feel sleepy and we still didn't have henna on our hands T_T
Rachna henna cones

so we finally got our henna done at around 11 am in the morning!
 we both took shifts on putting henna on each other hands while the latter slept, but Areesha got the least sleep since she likes to take her time to put henna which ended up getting her only 2 hrs of sleep :(

Done by Omaimah on Areesha's Hand at 6 am -_-
so by 11 am we had to start getting ready for our house hoping sessions and so we needed to get our henna color to darken fast, even though the henna cone we used usually gives a very dark maroon color but the problem was the color shows up only a day later and we had a few hours left to leave the house.

Typical Pakistani design done by omaimah on her own hands.
Our mom did a trick that she's been doing since our childhood and we would like to tell you about this secret tip that can help get your henna darker!
What you'll need - A big pan , some cloves and some vicks (the balm that relieves headaches and stuffy nose)

  • First Apply vicks with a cotton bud on top of your henna( you have to do all this while you have the dried henna paste on your hands and not after your shake of the dried part!)
  • while you're doing that, heat the pan on your stove earlier and place the cloves on them.
  • after its heated hover your hands (henna side facing towards the pan,obviously!) on top of the pan!
  • please don't put your hand directly on the pan unless you want to burn yourselves! jk
  • It should be 4 to 5 inches or higher above the pan or until you can feel the heat on your palms
  • and you can remove them whenever your satisfied there's no time limit or perhaps 10 mins or less !
and voila you get a darker henna color in a jiffy!

Done by Areesha on her own hands 9 am in the morning lol.

So now that was done we got ready and surprisingly getting ready took us 2 hrs or shall I say our dad took his time getting ready!
We started our house hopping sessions and since we got late of  out of our house we were arriving at our hosts place way out of the timings they invited us in!
 pretty embarrassing you may think, But Alhamdoulillah there were guests still arriving after us!
 so saved from the embarrassment and the stares we would get when we're the last one to arrive!
Oh and we noticed this Eid many girls mentioned how they grabbed a henna cone and did their henna themselves for the first time cuz no-one had the time or the money to visit the parlor and wait in line!
and to be honest their henna looked Amazing! ^_^ MashaAllah
Done by areesha on a sleeping Omaimah's hand -_-
so that's how our first day of Eid ended ,It sure ended pretty fast ! we came home tired and exhausted around 11 pm and of course the house was messed upside down, does this happen to everyone or is it just us?
Its like when you leave the house in the morning after searching for shoes and matching jewelry and throwing clothes here and there, and then you come back home to sight of the mess you made earlier!
 yeah happens to us everyday!

done by omaimah on a 4 year old xD

we just clear up the clothes, didn't want them to get wrinkled and prayed Esha and crashed into our beds! and slept till 2 pm next morning missing our Fajr salah :(The best part of eid was meeting friends you haven't met for ages and also who can forget the food, Alhamdoulillah Eid is truly a blessing it makes you realize the importance of friends and family in your life!
the other hand of the 4 year old done by omaimah.
so guys thats it for today, we hope you liked todays blogpost!
stay tuned cuz we'll be featuring our first OOTD for eid in our next blogpost !
till then take care!

The Syeda Sisters.

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