Mehndi: How It All Started!


Assalamualaikum Sisters!
So Eid ul Fitr is just around the corner and The most exciting and time taking part of Eve of Eid for us is putting henna !! 
Actually you can hand Areesha a henna cone and tell her any day of the year to apply henna and she would be just as excited as it truly is one of the things She loves doing the most! The difficult part is that it takes Areesha ages to choose or think of the design ! She's a bit of a perfectionist too , when it comes to applying it so She take's her time to apply it till She's satisfied which has once landed Us in getting only two hours of sleep and forcing ourselves to get up and ready for house hoping sessions in Eid.

We remember how excited we used to be since we can remember maybe age six to put mehndi/henna every eve of Eid mum would take us to the parlor to get henna done on our tiny hands and the tips mum used to use to make it come off dark ! there was one year when the parlor had closed and I remember how sad we were so mum had got home made henna and applied it for us ^_^ and our fascination  just grew over the years . One day we started sketching henna designs on outlines of our hand on paper and then experimented with brown markers on each others hands.

It's surprising to see how girls nowadays have lost their interest in henna which I used to see in all of our friends when I was younger, now I just hear people saying they didn't have the time to bother.
But for both of us Eid will always be incomplete without putting henna! ^_^

 In one of our summer holidays at Karachi my aunt (mum's sister)who knew about how much I loved henna, told me about this young lady giving lessons nearby our house and since I was bored at home I loved the idea!
 Due to me scheduled to be coming back to Bahrain just had two weeks to go through the four week course but it was lovely the girl who taught me, Ms. Noreen was extremely helpful and encouraging she said I was a very quick learner (A) and was good Alhumdulillah hehe and she gave us a lot of design books  to practice from. I'm now finally confident in putting henna up to family and friends only hehe ! :D 

Slowly and with lots of practice we both have now gained the confidence to apply henna pretty well Alhumdulillah. It's really not that difficult you just need to like the idea be excited about it and Tada you are capable of beautiful designs! 

 Hope you guys liked this post and probably got an idea for this Eid's Henna! we would love to see your henna hands this eid so don't forget to send them to us!Stay tuned to find out what we'll be putting this Eid In Sha Allah!         Till then remember us in your Dua!

The Syeda Sisters.

*All the designs attached to this blog post are done by Me (Areesha) and Omaimah last year at Eid Ul Adha and Eid Ul Fitr.

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