REVIEW: Lottie London Contour Queen Brush!


Assalamalaikum Ya'll,

How is the summer treating everyone? It's a huge blessing that monsoon has started back in Pakistan it was hotter than here(Bahrain) over there , I'm just happy Ramadan flew by without this heat because I cannot begin to tell you how hot it has become right after Ramadan ended it's a blessing truly that Ramadan went by without this heat! 

Alright so we'll chit chat more in another post for now I need to tell you about this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Lottie Contour Brush if you haven't already heard about it! I was just making sure it's great before I raved about it! Sooo, the lovely ladies over at Tish Tash PR sent this over to us and well to know more about it and see it in all it's beauty , you have to scroll below!

Here it is! I've left the image to it's original size so that you could see how beautifully shaped it is and how thin the bristles are , it's truly perfect for the perfect blush or contour application as it helps in picking up the perfect amount. If you follow us you'd know we don't really contour a lot but you know what I tried it with this and the finishing was much better than any brush I've used so far!

The shape and Chunky size of the handle is perfect for easy grip and I repeat it's stays true to it's name. The bristles of the brush fan out are super soft and I love that it's so gentle on the skin.You need to try it to believe it , I guess because I really am not sure how to emphasize further on this hehe.

It's priced at AED 59/- only and is available online here .

Hope you liked this short but really useful brush review from us , if you have any inquiries about it do let us know by messaging us anywhere Facebook , Instagram or Twitter we'll get back to you in a jiffy in sha Allah!

Do Follow them for their latest product updates @lottiemiddleeast such a fun page to go through!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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