"Neki ek ibadat" Surf Excel's Ramadan Campaign



With the month of ramadan come's the endless blessings of earning rewards in every way possible, even by a small act of kindness like picking up a stone that can hinder pedestrians on footpath or sharing some of the blessings Allah has bestowed us with. Especially in this particular month the reward is multiplied by folds compared to the rest of the year which is a win-win situation for every muslim.

We were watching the Surf excel ramadan ad during ramadan and it made us feel a gush of emotions. It was the sweetest ad we've come across and it give's the message of doing good; aka Naiki in the most cutest struggle of little Shahid who make's it a deal to wake up his uncle (who btw also needs hearing aid) for sehri one day.

The Ad shows the little man being woken up by his mother to do his sehri. Instead Shahid grabs a bunch of dates and goes out running through the street, making his way from under his uncle's gate, hopping on a closed barrel to give him that extra height and finally entering into his chacha's house only to find him still sleeping since he's kept his hearing aid aside and therefore can't hear the alarm ringing.

Little shahid slides the hearing aid gently onto his ear and that's when chacha jee pops out of bed and see's shahid rocking on a chair in front of him saying "Hurry up, if you won't do sehri now then how will you fast the whole day?" how selfless of him!

We would be lying if we said we didn't drop a tear or two after watching this Surf Excel ramadan ad and it totally helped get the message across of the true spirit of Ramadan. Have you guys watched it too?

All in all , we'll conclude by saying that we loved it so much that we agree that it deserves a complete blog post to appreciate and applaud  the beautiful efforts of the Surf Excel Marketing Team for their very successful #nekiaikibadat Ramadan Campaign! Please watch it , if you haven't yet and if you have, please tell us what you thought about it we'd love to know!

Last but not the least, let your kids get their clothes dirty if they end up helping someone or doing something good that'll motivate them in the long run to be better humans as we all know that when you help others it'll come back around to you that's the way Allah S.W.T gives back at some point or the other it'll come around so yes dirt will go away but the good deeds will remain for eternity and beyond!

Lots of Love,

The Syeda Sisters 

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