Our Downtown Rotana Iftar Experience!



I know, i know ramadan is over but im still keeping you posted with the Iftars i attended and raved about all the time on my Instastory during ramadan (I'm sorry if you watched while you were fasting,hehe!) So, today we're going to tell you about the last but certainly not the least, Iftar media event at Downtown Rotana!

Let's start scrolling shall we?

Starting from the basics Dates and Dried Fruits and Ramadan level Drinks !

On to the starters from Soup and all sorts of Buns:

How can you be in a GCC country and not have Mezzah on the starters list:

This below was the live cooked delicious Labnah Cheese and Zatar breads.

Seafood at the salad bar , make your own for the people who are fans of seafood , me on the other hand I like sea food but cooked well not rare at all.

There was a combination of traditional Arabic dishes along with a few desi and continental ones too as you can see below:

Now, for my most favorite part as you all know by now the Desserts! Ahhh the variety was huge and this was hands down my most favorite part from the whole experience! Scroll on to see the delicacies!

Bite Size Cakes and Salad Area!
The Brownies were out of this world Yum!

Fancy Desserts!

Arabic Traditional Dishes

More Cakes & Red Velvet!
Lil brothers favorite section the Fondue Station!
The salad bar, dessert bar, appetizers, the iftar along with the whole line up of food looked splendid as was displayed in the most appetizing manner. 

 The hospitality of the staff was wonderful and the atmosphere was amazing! I give Downtown Rotana a 10/10 ratings. I definitely recommend you guys to head down there for the coming weekend. 

Hope you liked today's restaurant review. See you next time! 
The Syeda Sisters

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