Sheraton Arabian Nights Menu!


Assalamalaikum World,

Today we are telling you about this wonderful menu set up that we experienced and want you all to experience too at Al Safir Restaurant it's been running since right after Eid and will run all through August.

Let's begin telling you about our experience,

Beginning with the salad and mezzah section , my favorites were the Baba Gannoush and Hammus which was amazing!

I'm not much of a seafood person other than fried Hammour or prawns nothing else.

So , I went straight to the appetizers which started from the Shawarma Station followed by the Soup section and the Live Grilling station of Chicken & Meat Kabab Skewers my Favorite seriously it was perfectly marinated and grilled! Loved it!

Now, for the main dishes they had quiet a variety as you can see below , I liked all of them in general as they're all Arab traditional dishes honestly I'm more of an Asian Cuisine person so I'm not sure of an absolute favorite.

Oh my God! The Desserts Section! I cannot begin or end to tell you all how awesome all of there desserts are and not just once in a while it's always the same high standard and delicious.

Ten points for presentation and taste both. It's another fact that I was way too full by the end of the meal to have enough as I wanted anyone who knows me knows how much I love desserts it's impossible for me to pick a favorite as you can see below the variety was so much!

The Chocolate Mousse is what you CANNOT miss Okay? Okay! Pistachio Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Cake, the Kunafa's , Baklawa so basically they have Asian, Arabic and continental desserts your pick there's is everyone's favorite so you can't go wrong by going there or taking your guests there you will not be disappointed!

By the time we were leaving , they had become this much I'm sure they finished by the end of the night.

If you all have any queries about anything you can DM us or email us and to know more you can follow them on FacebookTwitter & Instagram on these links to stay updated about the happenings at Sheraton Bahrain!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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