Our Intercontinental Iftar Experience!


Assalamaliakum Everyone,

Hope you're all having a blessed Ramadan even though we've had to hear quite a few sad news in the recent past we pray everyone effected is given immense sabr and ajar to bear the huge losses they've faced. Ameen.

Today's post is all about our Iftar Experience at the Intercontinental Regency Hotels restaurant Selections! As you can see we are beginning with an image of our beautifully set up table. Please scroll below to view the delicacies offered and to read our thoughts about them!

Starting off with Starters, Soup and Appetizer images below as you can see they had a quiet a huge variety of various types of Labneh, Hammous and Salads mostly of Arab heritage.

Onto the main dishes starting with pasta station which was followed by traditional Arabic Main Dishes such as Mixed Grills, Lamb Harees, Machboos etc.. My fvaourite of them all was my the Creamy Alfredo was just perfect I've posted a picture of it towards the end of this post. If you're a fan of Traditional Arab Lineage Menu there menu is your best bet , awesome quality and delicious food for your Arabic tastebuds.

The Live Pasta Station!
The Traditional Dishes Lineup!

Meet the Head Chef responsible for the amazing food!

Now for my absolute favorite part of that evening the Desserts Section which was Amazing beyond all my expectations honestly they had a HUGE variety as you can see in my detailed images below . 

They had Middle Eastern sweets from Um Ali to Basbousa to eastern Mithai and Rice Pudding all the way to western delicacies like Eclairs, Custards,Macarons in the form of mini burgers and all sorts of cakes! 

They even had a detailed crepe section and chocolate fondue corner and an ice cream corner with a choice of cup or cone , so there was something for everyone! 

Overall, we had an amazing night we'd like to thank Ms. Anan for inviting us and we loved the experience absolutely the hospitality of the entire staff and quality of the food was perfect MashaAllah.

The pricing of their Iftar Buffet is BD. 14++ and they have started booking for their Eid days too so do visit their Instagram Page for the further details @InterconBahrain or email for further inquiries restres.icbharain@ihg.com or call 17208308.

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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