REVIEW: Sheraton Bahrain Iftar Buffet Lineup!



It's the 8th day of ramazan right now and man does time fly or what? Just when we were in with the 3rd day of Ramadan we were invited to Sheraton Bahrain's media iftar to enjoy a great line up of scrumptious food prepared specially to cater our palate during ramadan. We've already talked about the details of the iftar timings and how you can RSVP, etc Here so give it a as soon as your done drooling over today's post!

WARNING: Food may look more delicious than it may seem if you're fasting! haha. Honestly the food was more delish than it seems in our images. Let's being scrolling shall we?

The Setting:
Very Arabic and middle eastern and traditional which gave us the perfect Ramadan feel so definitely points for the ambiance created! To see it scroll below:

The Starters/Appetizers:
There were these light Iftar breaking starters as can be seen below;

Then, there was a a a huge range of salads, seafood, cheese, breads, hammus, and the list goes on!

We loved the traditional starter dishes along with the variety of different breads as you can see, and just FYI they were all delicious and exactly how they should be!

The layout was just so thought out and planned that we give them points for all the efforts they put in!

Along with the starters area - They had Cream of Chicken Soup which is like my all time favourite so lots of points for that and it was the perfect consistency and tasted perfect.

Now, for the looooong part of the Iftar Buffet!

Main Course:
There was just so much I hope I can do justice to telling you all about it. The beginning was with the traditional and much loved dishes namely Live cooking station of Chicken Shawarma, displayed were also Tikka, Sheesh Tawook and next to that was a Pasta Station and next to that forming a full circle was the traditional Machboos/Ghoosi! This section was definitely a HIT with all the guests!

I'm a big fan of Grills and Shawarma so this was Awesome!

Then began the extensive variety of all types of cuisine dishes:

Before, I forget to mention they had a really cute drinks corner too which had all the drinks we have in a traditional Iftar from juices to Vimto , very well displayed again!

The Desserts:
I won't say much just that every dessert was perfect and delicious! The variety was exhausting and we just couldn't have everything as we were way too full already!

The Salad Bar!
This is the beginning of the modern cakes and chocolate mousse and all modern day dessert inventions!

Below, are all the traditional Arabic and Asian desserts that are available along with ice cream and crepes at the end!

As you can see the dishes included Umm Ali,  Baklava,Halwa, Biscuits , Traditional cakes, Jalebis, Gulab Jamun,Barfi, basically there was something for everyone!

Meet there Amazing Chef De Patisserie in the ice cream corner!

Breaking the Fast:
As we enter the hall this is the first thing we see, a HUGE range of different types of dates to break our fast so everyone needs are met again! This section also had all sorts of dry fruits and nuts to test and taste , we loved how out of there way they went to arrange so much variety!

Our Overall Feedback!
We loved it! The food was delicious and the hospitality of all the employees was impeccable - one request and it would appear. It's definitely proved to be a 5 star hotel service!

Lots of Good Health & Food Wishes to Everyone,
The Syeda Sisters

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