REVIEW: Oye Hoye Karachi Kings!


Hey fellow cricket fans, if there any over here that is. We don't know about you guys but we sure do love cricket! As much as we love cricket we love our Pakistan cricket team much more!!

<3 .="" p="">We've been following the PSL Madness happening in Dubai since the beginning and were super duper excited for our city's team- Karachi Kings playing in PSL and have been supporting it since day 1. Anywho, the super Amazing Team at Cartel PR and OYE HOYE Chips sent us a box filled with, not 1, not 2 but 24 packs of 30g chips. Let me tell you one more thing, these aren't your ordinary oye hoye chips! They're Karachi Kings Limited Edition Oye HoyeCchips made specially for our team and based on the theme of their uniform in the PSL match.

<3 .="" p="">So we were lucky enough to get a box filled with them just a day before the match between Karachi kings and Quetta Gladiators. The Oye Hoye Karachi Kings chips came in a "Smoked Seekh" flavor.
<3 .="" p="">The chips tasted amazing. Like it's name suggests, it tasted salty sweet and slightly hot mimicking the flavors of barbecue.<3 .="" p="">

Oh and the packets actually had chips in them, instead of being filled with half air and half chips like some other brands, unfortunately.

We still haven't finished all the packets yet, but that's only because I have to hide it from myself because they're actually crave worthy. Oh and some of the packets have a small scratch and win token in it. If you're lucky enough you can win Smartphones, Oye Hoye chips and much more.

Before the PSL got over a few lucky people even won a ticket to watch the Final PSL Match in Lahore. I was still munching on these OYE HOYE Karachi king chips during the final match between Quetta Gladiators and Peshawar Zalmi, lol.

Anyways, Hope you liked my quick review. I'm not sure how long the Karachi Kings Limited edition Oye Hoye chips will be in the market but I'm sure you can go grab one and try it out today cuz we spotted some in our neighborhood shop, so I'm sure you guys will spot it too somewhere if you look around attentively!

Chalo, Take care!
Pakistan Zindabad!!

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