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We love playing with makeup as much as every girl does and we as much as we love playing with them we always make sure to give you guys a review of our fave products! Today we're going to talk about "GOSH" Cosmetics! We've been always wandering through those makeup kiosk in our drugstore and would almost always notice this Brand in the makeup aisle. I remember how much fun it was swatching their lippies lol. The first Gosh products we ever used was one of their lipstick from their Sheer collection, it was our go-to lipstick, I swear!

If you follow us on Instagram (If you don't then shame on you!) you'll know that we've received generous packages from Gosh Cosmetics Arabia & so finally after testing out all their products we've decided to post short and useful reviews for you guys!

GOSH Lipstick in Smoothie MATT:
First, about the lipstick it gives a wonderful color & pigmentation, just one swipe and I had enough of color as well as a Matte finish. It's buildable as the more layers you apply the deeper the color gets! It was enough to last me for hours including meals in between.

They claimed and we agreed!
It's Soft and creamy, With Carnauba Wax, Candelila Wax, Hyaluronic Acid keeps lips hydrated
Long lasting with pleasant wearing comfort and it's Paraben Free

GOSH Lipstick in Smoothie & Lipliner in Nougat
So was the lip pencil, as it lined perfectly and didn't bleed through the lip border either it's long lasting, pigmented and has a lovely fragrance not at all strong very flowery. Love the lip liner too it does it's job perfectly lines the borders of the lips smoothly and stays there! Nougat shade is beautiful as you'll see in the below swatches.

They claimed and we agreedContains vitamin E and jojoba oil, Highly pigmented,Waterproof, Perfume and Paraben Free

Below is the swatch of Smoothie Matt Lipstick we've swiped them once, and then twice on the right and Nougat Lipliner the heart.

GOSH BOOMBASTIC XXL swirl volume mascara-with Argan Oil:
Ok! so the name itself sounds so like *BOOM* A mascara tip couldn't get bigger than this! I love the idea of it & the name goes so well with it. After trying it out I have to say it did not disappoint me. The formula of this mascara is full bodied, creamy and really spreadable. It blackens and thickens the lashes without giving a clumpy look.

Beauty bloggers and youtubers all around the world talk about high end mascara's all the time but honestly I think GOSH bombastic is better than all of those!

It gave volume, added color and elongated my lashes just enough to pop my eyes out without looking to goth! I loved the packaging, it's convenient and BIG which is I don't know why, something I like lol. It also didn't irritate my eyes which is a BONUS for me!

They claimed: Boombastic Swirl Mascara gives XXL length to lashes XXL and spectacular length. The formula of this mascara is full bodied, creamy and really spreadable. It blackens and thickens the lashes without giving a clumpy look.Giant swirled rubber brush. It has argan oil and bamboo extract which keeps nourished and moisturized.Perfume and Paraben Free

GOSH Primer Plus Skin Perfector:
Now this is product is very interesting. In its first application while you spread it you can notice little specks of glitter which made me a little disappointed because I really don't like my makeup glittery but guess what? the more I blended it the more it disappeared luckily.

I love how it reduced my pores, It's my go to under makeup primer these days.It's not cakey at all and the consistency is not sticky either. I sometimes put the Gosh primer plus along with a BB Cream and voila! I'm good to go!

What they claimed? 
Creates a visibly even skin tone, reduces imperfections and fine lines as well smoothen pores. It gives skin a heathy natural glow.
Contains oil of sea buckthorn and Vitamin E., Moisturize, Instant glow,Evens skin tone, Perfume and Paraben free.. we Agree!

GOSH Under Eye Primer:
Ok... so we've never tried eye primers before so we didn't really know what we were in for till we started using Gosh eye primer. The packaging was very interesting with the metal balls that massages the under eyes while releasing some of the liquid product. I loved how it gave an overall cooling effect.

I couldn't tell much of a difference then and there but I noticed lighter under eyes in the picture we took below. I would prefer this product under eye makeup of course but even as a night eye cream in my routine, this will def light up your dark circles.

GOSH Prime 'n Set (Primer & Mattifying Setting Powder):
So.... finishing powder are crucial ending to a perfect makeup not just because it keeps the makeup on for a longer time but also because it gives an even matte finish to your look making you look all the very more flattering. Ok so Gosh primer finishing powder is white! Which was kinda intimidating at first because we assumed it would make us look like ghosts or Japanese something lol. But hey it didn't actually do that, the powder is so fine that it feels like your brushing almost nothing on to your face and like mineral powders mattifies our face instantly.

As you can see how the fine lines on my wrist that was quite apparent after applying some foundation, reduced tremendously. I would def re-purchase this product in the future.

What they claim?
The silky loose product is a 2 in 1 which can be used as primer and a setting powder. It can be used alone or on cleansed moisturized skin to minimize pores, fine lines, redness and imperfection.
Helps to moisturize skin, Reduces redness, Control shine, Perfume and paraben free. We Agree.

GOSH Shadow Collection (To be cool in Copenhagen):
Last but certainly not the least, We received this beautiful palette inspired by the Nodic Lights. Here's what I loved about this 9 shades matt eye shadow pallete. The colors are sufficiently pigmented. One swipe gave enough color, so building up would definitely increase the intensity of the shades.

I loved how there are a variety of shades instead of one particular tone that you find in most eye palettes. There's a mix of nudes, smokey, classic shades and the 3 color combinations can create a effortless looks in no time. This one is definitely a keeper!

What they claim? Easy to mix and blend, 3 color combination to create endless cool looks, Only matt shades, Perfume and paraben free.

Hope you girls liked our reviews, if you have any questions let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Overall, we loved everything in this range a huge thank you once again to the lovely team over at GOSH for sending these goodies over to us and we Recommend you all to try out their range it's not priced like the high end make up but it sure has the quality and that's what we love about them!

If you girls have any questions about any of these products , please leave us message here in the comments or on our Facebook Page inbox and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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