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Hey Girls!

Brow pencils, liquid, gels, etc. are a very much talked about eye product these days with its growing trend worldwide. We've never used brow liners before because we just didn't know our way around with them & the fear of looking like girls with terrible dark twin eye brows was alot.

We got these Brow define pencils by Eye of Horus cosmetics. They create amazing organic cosmetics for Goddesses worldwide. We were lucky enough to be sent some of their Goddess product by their Team in Australia, One of which we've reviewed earlier on our blog : Goddess Eye liners in 4 beautiful shades. Today we'll be sharing Eye of Horus Brow Define pencils. Let's get to it ... these are 3 wonderful brow definers. loved my shade Dynasty Brow Define. (Dark Brown)

Shades Available:
There are three shades ranging from Light Ash Blonde, Medium Dark, Medium Brown.
What do they claim?
Brow Define in Medium Brown Dynasty is your Ultimate Brow Tool. These are formulated using Coconut and Candelilla wax as a foundation. The Brow define contains caster oil for strengthening and growth and like all Eye of Horus products its PARABEN  free With a Slimline pointed tip it contours and fills in colour with controlled artistry for perfect arches. Once applied it will not smudge and is waterproof.

Lets talk about the Packaging!
It's very simple and sleek which is what I loved about it , a beginner like me can work with it easily as you will see below, it has a twist up applicator, which helps in controlling the amount of product we use and a spoolie brush that assists to comb through the color and smudge strokes.
Spoolie brush to even out the brow

In all honesty, it's my goto eyebrow mechanical  pencil...yes I'm going to call it that. It's an amazing all in one pencil which helps add shape, color and lets me fill and define my brows and it's super easy to use, you just have to move the pencil and put light strokes through your brows its a pigmented pencil so you don't have to try hard. It contours your brows really well without looking to over the top. Once you're done with filling it, you turn the pencil upside down and start combing your brows, perfect the shape and you're done! Oh and no worrying about it coming off it stays in place just as they claim it's natural. I love how they've added castor oil to strengthen you brow hair at the same time!

Twist-up Applicator
Price & Availability:
They are priced at $25 and you can Buy Here and read more about there Goddess line of cosmetics along with ingredient details.

So, as you can see, We're loving these brow definers by Eye of horus. Next of we'll be reviewing their felt tip Eye liner & Goddess Macara. Have you tried any of Eye of Horus products ? Which one's do you recommend then?
The Syeda Sisters

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