We're in Lush!


Assalamalaikum Girls,
Soooo we have awesome news as you can see Lush finally launched their first store in Bahrain and the second's coming soon too how cool is that?

The first thing anyone would notice walking into the store is this huge circular tub ready to test bath bombs and the amazing colors and effects of it!

Lets's begin with the Shower Section shall we? That starts from shampoos, henna, leave on hair masks and goes onto shower gels, shower scrubs, bath bombs and so on...

They have solid henna too!

Exfoliating Shower Scrub
Bath Bombs!

How cute are these massage bars?

Awesome Makeup & Skincare all natural and hand made yes pleaseee!

Who wouldn't love fresh skincare with an expiry date and all natural?

You can even try it yourself before you buy it!

They even had perfumessss and specially packed gifts ready to be gifted!

Party Activities!

Random lady photobombed!

This image of ours got featured on Lush Middle East's Instagram! Wohoo! *proud moment*

Time to go home now girls,

Well, that was a long tour I'm sure I pretty much covered most of the store I'll be going again over the weekend so I'll see if I missed out anything hehe hope you all loved this post as much as I loved the store!
It's located on the left side of Entrance 9 of Seef Mall , you need to get there ASAP!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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