Anne Klein Store & A/W '16 Collection Review


Assalamalaikum Everyone,

I see many of you have already started participating in our Third Anniversary Giveaway go to our previous post and enter if you'd like to be one of our three winners anyways getting back to today's post topic - we visited the Newly refurbished Anne Klein Store located near Gate 10 in Seef Mall , Manama.

Alright, so we know you all want to check out the newly refurbished store too so without further a due let me take you all around the store literally , beginning from the right of the store all the way to the extreme left side which is where the latest collection has been stocked up,

I loved their handbags variety and collection and the fact that they also have a beautiful collection of earrings and necklace sets as you can see below (I tried taking a close up of it too)

Moving on to the center displays of the shop from right side to the left including part of their A/W collection handbags and shoes from their Anne Klein Fit Range which are just so super comfortable I can't brag enough!

See the last image above, those are all from the A.K - Autumn/Winter '16 Collection, they all are just so apt for formal and casual wear too, I personally found it to be a perfect mix of both types of handbags.

Part of their wallets lined next to the Cashier.
After the cashier counter (which I for some reason forgot to click) on the extreme left side end of the store display is the next part of the Autumn/Winter '16 Collection featuring warm colored formal handbags perfect for the upcoming weather change which I'm looking forward to as winter is my favorite season of the year!

I got something from the above pictures shelf , can you guess what I got? This below view is from the inside to the outside of the store.

The staff from the store pictured below were very welcoming and cooperative, they talked me through the visual order of the collection after which they assisted me in picking a handbag and were super patient when I couldn't figure out which pair of heels to finalize hehe!

Overall, I loved the refurbished store as it gives the customer a classy and luxurious feel from the time they enter the store and the way it is visually organized , makes it super easy to find what you're looking for it - now this it could be a bag,heels,necklace or something as simple as a wallet. Additionally, I'd love to mention is that I tried quite a few pair of shoes before narrowing down on my favorite one and honestly they were all comfortable and most of the ones I liked were from their fit Collection. Their price range is starting from BD. 31 onward up to around BD. 42 approximately , as for shoe sizes they have US 6 onwards in shoes but they do have 5.5 as well they'll help you figure it out, don't worry!

I found myself a super comfortable pair of heels and a lovely handbag which are both perfect for work I shall be doing a blog post on what I got soon so stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, do pay a visit Anne Klein at Seef Mall, Manama (Ground Floor near Entrance 10) and have a look at the collection for yourself!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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