Review: Rimmel Kate Moss Highlight Contour Kit


Hiiii y'all! We just tried out our first ever contour kit since we really weren't into it when the whole trend started earlier last year. We were just so busy trying to perfect our basic makeup skills, like that perfect winged eyeliner, lol - that we kept ourselves waaaaay far from contouring! We were however a little curious of how it we would turn out if we tried it out on ourselves.

So recently, the forever Awesome people at "Rimmel's Middle East" sent a bunch of goodies from their latest releases and one of them was their "Rimmel's first sculpting palette designed by Kate Moss".

It's a super cute sculpting palette with 3 shades to highlight, Contour and blush. It's divided into 3 compartments and each of the case is numbered 1,2,3 accordingly with no.1 being the "Illuminer" that highlights, No. 2 the "Sculpter" that contours, and No.3 the "Colourer" that adds Blush.

The Kate Sculpting and Highlighting Kit comes in a chic rose-gold and black portable compact perfectly echoing Kate’s natural sense of chic and also features a three-step guide and helpful visual on the reverse making application super-simple. The compact’s elegant asymmetric shape is set-off by Kate’s distinctive signature.

Contouring is the at home version of a face lift without the expensive price tag.The Kate Sculpting & Highlighting Kit is a clever combo of three powder shades: a highlighter, shading powder and blush - that seamlessly blend with your natural skin tone to create a healthy, radiant, sculpted look. The kit works with every face shape and skin tone, adding definition and structure.

The kit makes sculpting and contouring as easy as 1, 2, 3…
 1.   The soft shimmer highlighter is used to highlight areas that naturally catch the light - cheek bones, brow bones, the centre of the chin, forehead and bridge of the nose.
2.   The darker shading powder is used to contour and recede areas of the face that you don’t want to emphasise, such as the sides of the nose, jaw line and hairline.
3.   The shimmer powder blush gives definition and colour to the cheeks and added warmth to the whole face.

Our Review:
Rimmel's Sculpting Palette is a pretty simple by itself, it's simplicity is what attracted us at first! Like I said we used to keep ourselves from the popular trend of conturing just because of How Complex we thought it would be, this kit actually made us want to try it on ourselves and see the results. I love how they've numbered all the shades and named them according to their job, this is perfect for beginners like us who really want to get the Job done without having to watch 10 gazillion YouTube tutorials on "how to contour for dummies"- (something I would do, lol). Also they've given this quick manual behind the palette that shows all the places you have to contour, highlight and add blush too, making your job more simpler!

Moving on to pigmentation, I found it very lightly pigmented. A good 3 to 4 swipes with my finger gave that satisfying shade one needs. Now this could differ from person to person depending on their skin tone- oh, forgot to mention, we got the Rimmel Sculpting palette in 002 CORAL GLOW.

However, it wasn't really disappointing since it didn't make us look all like "BOOM"! We think this would be perfect for the type of girls who like to go for a more simpler light look without over doing and overly emphasizing the natural contours of our faces.

It's staying power is good enough to last for just a couple of hours, requiring touch up for at least the blush if you're gonna have it (the makeup) on for the whole day.

Price & Availability:
Priced at 52AED and it's available across Lifestyle, Max, Boots, Carrefour outlets in the Middle East.

We would give it a 3 out of 5 stars because It's cute, travel friendly, easy to use and perfect for beginners but it's pigmentation and stay-on power is a little low.

Hope you guys enjoyed our first experience of Contour/Sculpting palette by Rimmel. We have another one in line so do watch out for our Review on that as well!

With Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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