Review: Acido Glicolico Peel Off Mask by B.V


Assalamalaikum Ya'll,

How's everyone doing? Ready and geared up for Eid? I'm well I'm just glad I have holidays on Eid! Now, enough of the chit chat let's get to business shall we? Below is a short review about my go to peel off mask y Bottega Verde a skincare brand we don't stop talkign about because it's helped our skin a lot, this below is my quick fix when I feel my skin has got polluted enough and needs a refreshed feel!

Packaging: is a simple plastic tube with lots of product for 100 ml honestly it feels like so much more, with a  turn of the cap you'll see a small hole at the top which is what allows just the right amount of product to be released and applied. 

What they claim? It eliminates impurities and dead cells from the skin s surface using the peeling action of Glycolic Acid, the smallest and the most active of the Alphahydroxide Acids , primarily found in cane sugar , that has the property of gently restoring the superficial corneous layer giving a brighter complexion.

Instructions: Apply the jelly like consistency mask evenly all over your face and wait for it to dry after around ten minutes gently remove the mask from your face. 
After you're done removing it ,  use a toner to neutralize your skin's pH which increases when we use a face wash or a face mask and this one has fruits therefore is acidic in nature so we need to neutralize our skin after using it to help close back our pores. I usually use the toner after washing my face lightly with water after removing the mask but you can do it without washing your face up to you I'm not an expert just sharing my way.

Review: Alright, so I'm giving the exact review that I felt when I used this right? So when I took a little of the product out the jelly like consistency made me a little uneasy for a bit but then it's a mask and I'm not used to them so I pushed that feeling away and continued applying it , it went on surprisingly easily all over my face and I felt a tingly feeling on a few pimples that I had but I has been warned  about that by the sales lady at the Bottega Verde Store who was super helpful to see which product suits my skin type best etc.. Anyhow once the mask dries you don't feel a thing just those few tingles here and there that too only for the first two minutes then they magically disappear hehe and once you take it off A. you get to see how clean your skin has become I feel a visible difference of just maybe the dead skin cells peeling away and a lightness of the skin which shows that it has been exfoliated and therefore gives a fresh feeling just as they claim. And there is so much product in this tube that if you don't use it everyday you can easily go upto a more than 6 months I know I have! Overall I love it and use it on a weekly basis but sometimes two weeks gap which I shouldn't but my schedule :( oh well no cribbing Alhamdulillah I'm doing well.

Price & Availability: It's priced at around BD. 6.900/- and is easily available at Bottege Verde, Seef Mall near the airport.

We recommend you all to try it , if you're looking for a gentle every week kind of a skin peel off mask. Oh and just to see if it suits your skin you can ask the Sales team at the store to try it on you they have a mini facial service which I had availed and that's how I decide what to buy so do that it's a wonderful experience!

Till our next post,
Drink lots of water to keep your skin healthy!
The Syeda Sisters

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