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How are you all doing? We hope you're enjoying your Summer unlike us where we're stuck with office work and last coping with college deadlines, bleh! Anywho, moving on..So we  got two super fun products from Bourjois; Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer & Bourjois City Radiance Foundation. Sounds exciting yeah? Let's jump to their Review now!

What they claim about Radiance Reveal? (The Concealer)
A concentrated moisturizer that hides dark circles...or a concealer that hydrates like a skin care product, it's as you want! The objective? An even, smoothed eye contour, with hidden blemishes.
·         Corrects
·         Illuminates
·         24hr hydration

Our Review:
Ok so we love how to cute this is, it's a little cuboid glass bottle with a very easy wand applicator! It would be perfect to carry around in your little "essentials" beauty bag. Moving to the product itself, I found the concealer very light weight which they claim, so that's great! I did however feel like one application didn't give much coverage so I decided to apply again & the results were much better. It did give a little Cakey feeling though but not an over-drying effect . I love how it has Mont Blanc Glacier water and hyaluronic acid added to it, it sure  gave a luxurious feel.  It also did give a illuminating effect which is a plus point. I, however, felt my skin a little oily after a few hours, so it didn't give much a matte look, but then powder'ing up will probably tone down that effect. Over all I liked the product and will definitely keep on using it. Also I'd like how it had ample product in the bottle.

Apply by tapping gently the dark circle or blemish gently with the foam tip, then lightly blur with the finger.
Exactly what the fine and fragile eye contour area needs to fight the first sign of fine wrinkles caused by dehydration.With Mont Blanc glacier water and hyaluronic acid.

It is available in 3 shades to hide bluish or pinkish dark circles depending on your complexion.
-          01 Ivory
-          02 Beige
-          03 Dark Beige

What they claim about City Radiance?(The Foundation):
The fresh water flower fragrance, and 6 radiant and fresh shades that make the complexion glow and leave skin feeling plump! 
-          Anti pollution screen
-          SPF 30
-          Radiance-boosting pigments

Our Review:
I've used this more than a few times now and I feel it's safe to say it's great for everyday use, it's super light weight doesn't feel like there's a full base foundation on your face, but it  coverage and lasts long. It Smells wonderful! I loveeee how it has sunscreen for someone like me who has a lot of work outside as well as in the office, it's perfect since work can get super hectic and no one honestly remembers to put on sunscreen, at least I don't ! It gives a brightening effect to your skin immediately. The texture is comparable to a BB cream but a giving more coverage than a BB cream plus it has sunscreen, so yeah! I love how it has an Anti-pollution screen that's a pretty unique feature in a foundation.

This is enriched with coated pigments, which create an affinity with the skin; They provide a perfect hold throughout the day and boost the natural radiance of the skin.

City Radiance’s light and airy formula hydrates the skin continuously for 24 hours while protecting it from aggressive urban factors. The bonus? A texture that lets the skin breathe, so comfortable that you even forget it's on. With its anti-pollution screen, City Radiance helps the possibility of carbon particles settling on the skin and provides a bare skin finish.

Even without the strong sunshine in winter and spring, UVA rays, responsible for premature ageing of the skin and pigmentation spots, still remain. It is especially important to protect the skin as pollution increases the damaging effects of UV rays. With an SPF 30 sun protection factor and UVA protection (PA+++), this foundation upholds the skin's radiance.

It is available in 6 Fresh shades for a radiant complexion
·         01 Rose Ivory
·         02 Vanilla
·         03 Light Beige
·         04 Beige
·         05 Golden Beige
·         06 Golden Sun

We give Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer a ☆☆☆ out of 5 stars and Bourjois City Radiance a ☆☆☆☆ out of 5 Stars.

Price & Availability:
These are priced at the following rates- Foundation: AED79 - SAR81 and Concealer: 65 AED -69 KSA and are available at - Wojooh,, Lifestyle, MAX and Boots

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