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So a few days back we got  a package that was actually received by another family member at the gate when we were out which they coincidently forgot to tell us about. Luckily, we discovered it while randomly going through a drawer with the package in it while looking for something else actually lol. Now, you can imagine our excitement, like who wouldn't get excited to see new makeup in their drawer appear magically out of the blue.

So turned out that the AWEsome people at BeautyUK Pakistan sent us one of their newly released makeup item along a pastel colored nail polish that'll look perfect for spring time!

I remember how I was blabbering about how badly I wanted their "Sweet Cheeks" cream stick blusher on Instagram last month & to my surprise they actually sent me that! Eeeeeee!

I made sure I did a quick "unboxing" video on my snapchat (Follow us @omaimah0logy and @areesha0logy ) after which I popped open this cutie and swatched it hurriedly, I really didn't know why I was being that way, maybe cuz I never got something I wanted that fast lol. 

Enough with my discovery story and here goes the Review of BeautyUK Sweet Cheeks" cream stick blusher which we got in the shade "Turkish Delight". Even the name sounds delicious.

So one of the reasons I used to rave about this product before I actually got one was its packaging! It almost resembles a chubby stick, with a twistable bottom like the one's you find in a lipstick's packaging.

It has enough product for you to last a year or less depending on how often you're going to use it. It's a cream stick blusher at the end of the day so you don't have to worry about the blush breaking into pieces while traveling. This is definitely going to be in my "makeup to go" pouch always!

The font made it look extra cute and quirky. The color of the packaging matched with the the corresponding blush shade inside, so that seemed nice.

Pop open the cap and you get a dome shaped cream blusher which makes it some much easier to apply directly over your cheeks without going through the hassle of rubbing your fingers on the cream blush and getting more product on your fingers than on your cheeks lol. 

It is easy to apply and can be blended either with a brush or your fingertips allowing you complete control over the intensity of your desired finish.

I always got a little intimidated by cream blushes because I always though they were too shiny for my skin. I always loved the idea of cream blushers cuz they give a dewy look to you, but most cream blushers in the market these days produce a very intensely creamy blush, giving a more oily finish, which honestly no one likes, ya know what I mean? 
However in BeautyUK's Sweet cheeks I fell in love with its texture, it gave a slight hint of shine resulting in a dewy look instantly. I also loved how light it felt on my skin and gave a smooth finish.

 The shade of this cream stick blusher is amazing, Turkish Delight 02, I was a little worried about how it'll turn out on my skin cuz I felt it was too light for me, but to my surprise it looked so natural, which is just what I wanted, honestly!

It comes is 6 delicious shades of 01 Peachy cream, 02 Turkish delight, 03 Strawberry jelly, 04 Pink Pavlova, 05 Raspberry ripple, 06 Vanilla ice. 

 TIP!  Sweet Cheeks no.6 in Vanilla Ice can be used as a highlighter to complete your contoured look. 

Price & Availability:
Sweet Cheeks costs PKR 840 and Beauty UK products are available at all the leading Hypermarkets/Supermarkets in Pakistan. You can buy them on line too at  & make sure you use the code "J4GSS5" to get 5% off on your order.

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