Olor Deodorant Review


Heya girls!

So it's confusing whether it's still winter or maybe Spring has started in Karachi? Mornings are so cold but as soon as the sun starts setting it gets so warm, and it gets cold again at night-_- you feel me?

Ok so today we're back with another review and yes yes I know we've been reviewing a lot these days but we're thinking of doing a more lifestyle related blogpost next. Maybe Omaimah can share her fav DIY Face mask made with simple ingredients lying in your pantry, In Sha Allah. So you cool?

Anyways, a week back we received 3 of Olor's latest addition to their amazing range of Deodorants sprays to test them out. Olor is a Oslo based brand that has recently launched its products in Pakistan.

We got the Vibrant violet, Glamorous gold & Rosy Raspberry deo.


Ok so first of all I love how all of these scents give off a feminine taste yet are so variant when you smell them, each perfectly describing what they're named after.

Vibrant violet, containing Iris and black currant, was to be honest my favorite scent! It gave a fresh yet subtle smell, perfect for mornings when ya need a boost of freshness.

Glamorous guilt, my second fav, a combo of Lilac and Amber, it had an interesting smell I can't really pinpoint to what it resembled too, kinda musky? but I can tell you that this will be perfect for evenings, like when you come home from work and change into fresh new clothes, ya know what I mean..?

Rosy Raspberry, ok I'm not a fan of fruity flavors just because I'm so used to this scent but this was a different type of fruity, it's a mix of raspberry and vanilla (yum!), These actually harmonize so awesomely, I'm impressed!

 I loved the packaging I found it very unique and different from the typical one's you find over the counter.
I felt the scent was too strong for me though, felt a little nauseated cuz I think I sprayed on a lot like I usually do with the others, so just a few spritz will go a long way, that's a plus point.

 Olor claims It's deo to have a "24 hours Active" freshness, though I can't vouch for that since I never have one thing on for 24 hours, I can say that it actually does keep you fresh for a good 7-10 hrs, so that's not bad compared to other deo sprays in the market that get you stinking in just an hour or two.

Also I love how Olor kept the product environmentally friendly by creating Ozone friendly; NO CFC's this is the first product I noticed taking such a step. Their bottle is recyclable as well! I'd like to mention however, those of you that are particular about Alcohol in your perfumes, Olor does contain Ethyl Alcohol.

Will I purchase Olor again? Yes I will definitely buy this again, but this time maybe in a more cooler, natural scent like their Adventurous Aqua flavor.

Price: Rs 195

Availability: Easily available in Hypermarkets and supermarkets in Pakistan. You can also shop online on just4girls.pk and avail a 5% discount on your purchase by using this Code "J4GSS5"

That's it for today girls! See you next time with something fun! Till then keep smiling

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