Eye of Horus Goddess Pencils Review


Hey Lovelies!

We're reviewing some of my favorite products today which we got a few months ago all the way from Byron Bay, Australian from the sweetest girls at Eye of Horus it was a lovely surprise in our mail so considerate of them! Four eye pencils among other eye products were sent to us. These eyeliners can be used as eyeliners or on the water line for a Kajal effect.

Why you should have Eye of Horus products?
  • Non irritating and safe for sensitive eyes.
  • Smudge proof long wearing high performance no fuss product.
  • Youth are attracted to it due to its iconic branding and e mature due to its non sensitizing formula.
  • Easy to use.
  • Glides on without tearing.
  • 100% customer service and satisfaction - product replacement policy and quality guarantee.

They Claim:
The combination of wax in creamy rich matte and metallic formulas glide on, are water resistant, smudge proof, exceptionally long wearing and easily removed with warm water.

We'll walk you through each of them one by one as you scroll below and see the packaging and look of the pencil as well as swatches of each. The best part about these products which I must mention before everything else is that their made up of all natural ingredients. Let's begin, shall we?

Bronze Amulet Pencil:
This shimmery shade of Bronze is a very subtle brown as you can see in the swatches below , it glides well just like the other pencils and isn't messy at all which I love about it.

The tip & The Smudger
Glittery Bronze
Sapphire Pencil:
Between navy and purple this is my favorite of them all hehe even though , isn't shimmery or glittery more towards a matte finish as you can see in the swatch I've done below.

The Tip

Sapphire/My purple!
Smokey Eye Pencil:
Totally in love with this it's the perfect jet black not sure if my photo's below have done justice to it but it's just really nice shade of black and it lasts for quite a while!

The Smudger
The Tip.
Jet Black

Teal Malachite Pencil:
Lovely shade of teal this is, can be used easily glides smoothly on the eyes can be smudged and used as an eye shadow as well love the shimmery teal effect it has.

The tip
Teal love
Water Test:
As you can below it is super waterproof , surprisingly for me I felt it got darker after I tried washing it with water not sure why that happened but it did , the same happened with the smokey eye swatch took me repetitive washes to get it off!

Our Review:
What we loved about the products are mainly that it's made up of natural ingredients so it didn't cause any sort of irritation to our eyes and its Paraben free. They glide well sometimes they might not but usually they do!We loved the quality its at par with their prices so no complaints about that. The fact that in this world of growing consumerism they made sure to be ethically compliant and not test their products on animals is an added merit to their list. We loved the colors as well they all have a nice shimmer to them not too much and not too less just the perfect combination which is why they can conveniently be used on many varying occasions. Totally water proof , had to use make up remover to make sure it get's off so definitely long lasting!
Overall, we love the fact that these Eye Pencils were exactly how they claimed to be. The quality is amazing and they are long lasting and easy to use! What more does one need in an eye pencil? :) 

We give these Eye of Horus Eye Pencils ★★★★★ 5/5 stars and Recommend you all to try them!

Pricing & Availability:These pencils are priced at Australian Dollars 30/- each. 
You can shop these products on their site here and use the code word "Review" at checkout to receive a 15% discount!

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With Love,
The Syeda Sisters

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