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Assalam Alaikum Lovelies,

Today's post is all about one of the wonderful gifts we received from Sigma when we became Affiliates! This is one of my fave products since I received it and I couldn't wait to review so, without further a due let's begin :

It comes in a wonderful girly shiny packaged silver box as you can see in the images below, and once we unbox it we have a chunky pencil - which by the way thanks to it's shape is perfect for holding grip while we use it. Honestly, I think it's super cute and every girl should have a few of these. I found it travel friendly as the lid ensures nothing happens to the tip and it doesn't take much space. 

Crayon type Chunky Pencil

I felt that just swatching it in one kind of light would not do justice to it therefore I swatched in all the types of light I could run into on that swatch day! hehe! So, you can see below the color changes near the window (sunlight) at home around daylight time and with the flash in the evening. 

Near sunlight
In normal day light

I loved everything about this pencil  to be more precise I'll jot the points down:

  • I have medium to fair skin so I honestly didn't think it would suit me but believe me this is a shade that can suit everyone!
  • It just adjusts to the individual skin tone.
  • It's finish is beautiful & a smooth matte as you can see in the above swatches.
  • The texture does not feel heavy on the lips.
  • It is pigmented and quite long lasting. 
  • I think it sums up everything you need in a lip base and it's perfect for times when you forget your lipstick it acts the same which is why I recommend everyone to try this or any other shade of this range of lip base! (* I've also written a similar review on the product's page on the Sigma Site)

Hope you'll liked our review and will try out their lip base collection! As it's tried and tested wonderful and worth keeping in your collection for the long haul! 

Price & Availability:
It is priced at US $ 12.00/- only. It is available in seven different color variants. To know more about them , you can go to this link:

With Love,

The Syeda Sisters

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