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Assalam Alaikum, 

It's been a long time since we blogged and it's all due to Work + University + The daily unplanned situations of life + a hint of procrastination (maybe? Hehe)

Are you following us on Instagram , if you are then you must be knowing about the amazing L'orèal Paris New Revitalift #TheTruthAboutAging Campaign that we've been supporting from the start of the month,so what is it all about?

You see you and I most probably, have a very different concept of Anti-Ageing and when it begins.We all think (and definitely believe) that ageing starts at a good age of 40 or maybe even older. Whereas what surprised us when we found out about L'orèal Paris New Revitalift Campaign is that our skin starts Ageing from the delicate age of 24!!! Yeah, you heard me! But what? Why? How? I don't see no wrinkles on my face yet (Alhamdulillah) Keep reading to know more..

Why our skin ages?
As we get older production of collagen, which is the protein which acts as scaffolding to the skin slows down. The substance that enables skin to snap back into place, elastin, is also effected and has less spring and can even break. Dead skin cells don't shed as quickly and turnover of new skin cells may decrease slightly.  According to Dr Andrew Wright, a consultant dermatologist with Bradford NHS Trust, this causes fine wrinkles and thin, transparent skin even if the first signs may not appear until our mid-30s (unless accelerated by smoking or sun damage).*

You see our skin is made up of many layers, we've all heard about epidermis, dermis and hypodermis, but what we don't know is our superficial layer, that is our Epidermis is made up of 5 layers. The deepest of the layer which is our alive (and kicking, lol) layer the Stratum basale will eventually make its way up to our toppest layer "stratum corneum" (the dead layer) which is basically the layer we can see with our naked eyes. Now you see where I'm going with this? (Thank you 1st dental year histology for making me look like a bad-ass scientist right now hehe)

More Reasons for Aging:
The reason for starting so early is that more and more research is showing that aging is not just a matter of skin “getting worse” as time passes by but, inflammation and weakening due to cumulative damage can hasten the aging process. As we understand more about how aging occurs, we are learning that inflammation plays a key role in senescence, as well as in acne, infections, even irritations from rashes, psoriasis and other skin diseases.*

Sun exposure, for example, was a big discovery showing that it was not just the passage of time but our cumulative unprotected exposure to sun and light over our lifetimes that caused several signs of aging. Cellular oxidation from the sun as well as other environmental factors is also important (hence the need for antioxidants). Lipid loss and the degradation of cell membrane health also cause aging and can be prevented with a good moisturizer like virgin coconut oil whose fatty acids are native to skin.*

What we nourish our skin with (and basically our deepest layer with) will eventually show up on our superficial layer a few years from now. Let's be honest today's generation is living in a much more different environment than our forefathers. So getting wrinkles at a simple age of 20-something is surprising but expected. Here are the things that are damaging our skin.

How we are helping?
This is an awareness campaign , the youth is the target audience and we became a part of it and have been sharing information about it on our social media to give all the young ladies a little knowledge thanks to the people at Lotus PR and Lorèal Paris Pakistan namely Ms. Nabiha Zeeshan.
*The end of this campaign is testing and reviewing one products from their range, for which we received Lorèal Revitalift Night Cream and as a token to start taking care of our skin (cause we be so careless and stubborn when it comes to our skin *hides*) .

What it claims to do:
"The scientific breakthrough of Revitalift’s exclusive formula combines advanced pro-retinol and fibrelastyl for complete anti-wrinkle and firming action which fights all types of wrinkles horizontal and even vertical lines increasing firmness."*

Our Review:
  • Packaging first I must say was very simple and easy to use as well as travel friendly.
  • As for the texture It felt soft and velvety at first , since it's a night cream you're suppose to use before going to sleep at night, so that's what (I tried) doing.
  • Did I see any effects? Well I can't say it shows instant effects for now since I know this will be a long process and in a few weeks the results will pretty much be more visible , then I shall update this post.
  • Till then we pray we don't get horizontal and vertical wrinkles lines anytime soon.
  • I liked the scent but some people might feel it's a little strong.
  • My skin does feel soft and much more moisturized though and I loved the cooling effect it gives after I apply it.
Should you invest in it?
Yes. That what the whole campaign is about to encourage you to start nourishing skin from now. Sure you could go for any anti-Aging creams over the rack of your choice but we can't say weather they've been made to suit and work on your young skin, Lorèal Paris New Revitalift is specially designed for the younger audience. You can start using it from 24 years and above .

Price & Availability: It's priced at PKR 1,399/- and is available at all major outlets in Pakistan.
So peeps, did we get you tempted enough to start taking care one of your skin from now? We hope today's blog post was helpful!

*You can find more information about Lorèal Paris & their products on their Facebook Page. Thank you Lotus PR & L'orèal Paris for making us a part of your prestigious campaign!

Do keep your heads up for a 2nd anniversary giveaway coming up soon. P.S for all those baking lovers out there this giveaway might be your dream come true :D

That all for now folks!

The Syeda Sisters.

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