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This post is about a handy item on my dressing table that I've been wanting to do just because I'm using it and found it super helpful for busy days! Many of you may know of this but I honestly didn't till last year. These Nail Polish Remover dipped wipes make it sooo much easier to take off nail polish after a long day at work or just out with friends.

Primark's Red Nail Paint

Loved it instantly the cute butterfly box caught my eye honestly and then I figured what the product was!
It has around a 100 wipes in one box and compactly packed of course in thin layers of each wipe.

Opening it!
So strong at instantly reacting. 
All you have to do is take out a wipe rub it on your nail twice or thrice maximum if you have around three coats of nail paint on your nails. As you can see in the above picture it is so strong that as I tried picking the wipe out of the box to use, it started working on my nails hehe.
It'll be off in a jiffy but yes it leaves an oily residue on the nails once you're done so you need to cleanse your hands with a gentle cleanser and wash thoroughly so no residue remains it'll just take two minutes of your time.

Final Result..
My experience with it has been good which is why I shared it , didn't experience any side effects on my nails they're as healthy as they were before.In the end your left with a colored butterfly one wipe is more than enough for both your hands! :D I love this products cause it's practical!

I honestly don't know much about it's company I just googled now it's from Jinhua Zhongxin Cosmetics Co. Ltd so that's good to know. If you guys know easier ways of removing nail polish do let me know! :D I got this from an over the counter store very easily.

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