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Assalam Alaikum Everyone!

Today we're bringing you a post filled with yummy delicacies courtesy of Nino Riffa in co-operation with Obai & Hill's planning. Let us get done with the delicious part of reviewing the dinner we had & then we'll show you the launch event. Scroll below to be enticed by the dishes of Nino! There are plenty of new delicacies they've introduced into their menu!
Inside the Introductory Dinner Menu.

We started off with Garlic Cheese flat bread which was made of Puffed up Pizza bread rubbed with Garlic, Parmesan, EVOO & fresh Rosemary it was a perfect Italian version of Garlic Bread. As we're used to garlic bread with extra melted cheese on top , we found it a little different to what we're used to but it was nice.

Garlic Cheese Flat bread. (Price: BD. 3.000/- only.)

We absolutely loved these Gamberoni Japanese jumbo prawns! These were Soy marinated jumbo prawns crisp fried & served with Wasabi Aioli. Prawns were cooked just right, and the crispiness was also on par not too much not too less , just the right amount.We definitely recommend this!

Gamberoni Japanese. (Price: BD. 4.750/- only.)

This drink was made of Blackberry,Raspberry,Orange marmalade shaken with Earl Gray tea, we were curious about how it would taste which is why we ordered it, what did we get? A super sweet drink nice change from the norm!

Berry Miscela. (Price: BD. 2.750/- only.)

Pollo Ricotta is what you see below, this is a such a filling and great mix of flavors dish! The portions of all the dishes were was quiet a lot and filling as well , this is breaded Chicken filled with ricotta & spinach generous amounts of both kept on top of truffled mashed potato and drizzled with Fonduta cheese.

Pollo Ricotta. (Price: BD. 6.500/- only)
Stuffed with spinach and cheese.
Brick Oven Pizza:
The Four Cheese Pizza interested as the name suggests it was made up of a blend of four Italian Cheeses (Fontina, Mozzarella, Provolone & Parmesan) and drizzled with Basil pesto & oven roasted cherry tomatoes and chili flakes on top! We liked it.

Four Cheese Pizza. (Price: BD. 4.500/- only)
This Chocolate Mousse Cake is a flour less chocolate cake decorated along with it are salted toffee crackle those pyramid chocolate pieces that you can see also with it is vanilla bean geleta, milk chocolate ganache & hot fudge! It tastes Super awesome to say the least all we would say is that it's a MUST TRY for any chocolate lover!

Warm Chocolate Mousse. (Price: BD. 3.750/- only)

The Red Velvet Cheese Cake is not like any other that you've tasted before we can guarantee that, as we ourselves have tried quiet a few and we were in for a surprise! It's made up of layers of butter milk red velvet cheesecake batter on an amazing Feuilletine crust which gave it the perfect nutty, crispy wafer twist & Custard cream drizzled which just added to the flavors.

Red Velvet Cheese Cake. (Price: BD. 3.750/- only)
We had leftovers and wasting food is never the right thing to do, so we got ours packed.

Take away!

The Launch Event: It was a well planned fun evening for all the guests as well as public that attended there was the inauguration ceremony that took place after which guests enjoyed a live Chopped style Cooking competition between three participants and there were three judges, there was a Selfie machine where we could take a pic and print it as a souvenir. During the event, Nino staff had started tempting everyone with the various yum bite size appetizers they offered. Below is a summary of  the event itself in pictures.
Nino memories.
Media and Chief guests in the audience.
Participants hard at work.
The people waiting on the contestants.
Pollo Fritto Americano! Fried Chicken! MUST TRY! Price BD. 4.250/- only. 
Listening to the judges.
Behind the scenes.
The judges tasting the dishes.
  • The Staff provided efficient service and were very hospitable to us.
  • The Food was delicious without being biased we did not like the pizza as much because we're used to thick crust very spicy heavy toppings pizza but if you're into Italian it was perfect Italian pizza. We heard from our friend's that the pasta dishes were also amazing so next time we'll be sure to taste them! As for the seafood and chicken dishes we loved them we especially recommend the Chicken Pollo Fritto,Gamberoni Prawns, Pasta and two Desserts that we had actually on second thoughts there are plenty of dishes to choose from so telling just a few names, won't be doing justice to Nino so do Check it out for yourselves! 
  • The pricing is a little higher compared to other fast food places of course but considering that you're getting a better quality of fresher ingredients it's worth investing to dine here.

Location: Situated far from the city's hustle bustle next to Royal University of Women Campus, Northern Riffa. They also have a branch in A'ali Mall, Seef.

How to Order:
Go visit them! If you can't no worries, you can always order them online with 10% delivery charge through this link:

Restaurant Timing: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM.

We give them ★★ 4/5 stars & Recommend you all to try.

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With Love,
The Syeda Sisters.

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