Perfume Review: Clinique Beyond Rose


Assalam-o-alaikum to all our amazing readers,

Today, we're excited to be posting a review on a lovely addition in our perfumes collection by Clinique, which our mum won along with a set of other goodies that you can see in this Link , in a competition held by Bahrain City Center which were sponsored by Paris Gallery.

The packaging of the box is beautiful color wise as well as how the design co-ordinates to the perfume bottle as you will see when you scroll down. The bottle's top is easy to remove and is quite tight, therefore travel friendly.

The Box.
The Cap.

Did we mention: Love the bottle!
Bottle Packaging:
The bottle of the perfume as you can see is intricately designed which gives it an almost royal look , it would definitely be a beautiful addition to anyone's collection

The majestic bottle.

We Loved it seriously! On to the details, it is a 2014 release of Clinique, which has been inspired by Middle Eastern culture scent and it is long lasting as we have tried and tested.

Top Notes: White Pepper, Freesia.
Heart Notes: Blended by Osmanthus and Rose extracts in oil and absolute.
An image from
Base Notes: Amber with Oud & Benzoin.

If you've lived in the Middle East you'd surely relate to it. It is a strong scent at the beginning it soothes down later but best part is subtly stays on for hours at end.
We feel it appeals to both males and females but as Clinique have produced it, the target market are us ladies. It definitely is a modern and sophisticated fragrance.

Availability & Pricing:
It is available at Paris Gallery,  Ground Floor, Bahrain City Center at a price of Bd. 50/- only and I'm sure at other leading Perfume shops as well. At Harrods I checked online it's worth $110. 
In case, you are a person who invests in long lasting perfumes with strong scents, this could be a viable option for you but again a scent varies from person to person and reacts differently on each of us. Therefore, please try it before you buy it! that's our advice :) Hope you liked our take on Beyond Rose.

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The Syeda Sisters.

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