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Asalamualaikum ladies!

A few weeks ago when I was leaving for my final theory paper, I received a surprise package from Essence Cosmetics Pakistan with 3 of their newly released products (woot woot). Sadly I had to leave immediately for the exam and so I got the time today to review their amazing stuff!  

We've been in love with Essence Cosmetics after discovering them recently. Top Quality and yet so Affordable surprised us! So we're so excited to review their new products:

Essence Liquid Lipstick: (Shade: 04 Showoff)

What it claims to do:

"2 in 1. The innovative formula of the liquid lipstick unites the best of two lip pros by combining the coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a gloss. the packaging also underlines its duo-characteristics: the cool packaging of the lipgloss with a practical applicator has the appearance of a lipstick. absolutely awesome!"

Ok, so I almost mistook it for a lipstick because of its packaging, don't get me wrong, I actually loved the idea of a liquid lipstick that's been given a shape of actual lipstick. The only difference is it with lipgloss wand. I literally went "ooooohh" while playing with it because I was just so fascinated by its packaging, Super cute! 

I love the shade . It wasn't too bright and gave a glossy touch unlike other liquid lipstick that give a matte touch, but i liked that about it! The big question how long did it stay on for? I'd say if your eating out this can stay on for a good 4 hours and otherwise it can stay on for longer. The amount of material in this type of packaging is just right. I don't know how many of you would agree but I believe any makeup product should have just enough material, nobody likes applying makeup they bought a year ago, you know what I mean?

Rating: There's nothing I didn't like about Essence liquid lipstick so I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

Essence Sheer and Shine lipstick: (Shade 01 "My First Love)

What it does:

"the super soft formula of the sheer & shine lipsticks feels pleasantly light on your lips and provides them with gorgeous, subtle colour with a fantastic shine in the wanna-have shades nude, brown and pink. the translucent cap is the same colour as the lipstick inside so it’s easy to reach for your favorite shade. sheer, shine and oh so stylish."

I love love love this nude shade. I've never actually used such a natural nude shade before so I was very curious to know how it'd look on me. Little did I know, I had to rub it on my lips a good 4 to 5 times so I could notice it on my lips. It's such a good nude to be honest you can see in the swatches how I marked the area on my wrist where I swatched it cuz my camera couldn't focus it. It matched my skin Color! Literally! 

How long did it stay on? Honestly I can't tell that! I mean I could hardly notice it on my lips when I applied it. But my lips did taste like I still had it on after like an hour or so, and my family members kept asking me why my lips look like that.

Anywho!  It's so creamy and light and I love the 'e' embossed on the lipstick. I do feel that there could be a better packaging for the container. I will however use this product because if you know me personally you'd know I'm NOT really a "dark/bright attention catching lip colour" type of a person (Omaimah here, btw)! So if this lip stick makes my lips almost unnoticeable with a hint of shine, I'm keeping it! 

Rating: I'll give it 3 out of 5 stars!

Essence "I like long lashes" Volume and Length Mascara:

What it does:

"long lashes! this mascara delivers what every girl wants: long, defined lashes without clumping. the I like long lashes! volume & length mascara contains lengthening synthetic fibers that cover the lashes to make them look longer. the small elastomer brush with a wow-effect ensures perfect definition for a breathtaking look – also suitable for use on your lower lashes."

Ok , I was very excited to review this one! I'm a mascara lover, the only makeup product I love applying is a mascara, so hassle free and you can never over do it and look horrible (hehe, I'm a low maintenance girl, can't help it). The wand was pretty long I think. The bristles are overall short and the same size circumferential unlike the common trend, but it worked just fine with me. 

As you can see In the images, I noticed that it did add volume and darken my lashes but I'm not sure about the length part! 

It clumped my lashes a little like expected from every mascara so that's no biggie and it didn't really curl my lashes to give length.

Rating: Overall, I'm giving it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Big shout out to Anam (Essence Pakistan) for sending over this surprise package, it really made my day! 

Hope you girls liked the review, please let us know if you have any questions about any of the above products we'd be more than happy to tell you! :) As for now, we're currently verifying the entries of our Mega Giveaway right now hope you'll participated! 
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Till the next post, so long :*

The Syeda Sisters

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