Bottega Verde Beauty Workshop!


Hey Lovely People!

We're writing this post to update you all about an awesome beauty workshop that me and mum attended recently! We (Bahrain audience) might be lucky enough to have a few more coming up so it's important for you to know the instructor and the class.

Let's begin, this lovely evening began right after work when I rushed to the workshop just in time for the last session by Ms. Manal , there were three sessions that were held that day. The main focus of the workshop was Skincare and its importance.

Why is it important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as when to start taking care of your skin, when we should start using anti aging products. Which sunscreen suits which skin type due to the pigmentation of our skin and depending on how much melanoma is in it. Various other skin related issues were addressed.

Towards the end once Manal had explained everything, she let the guests listen to a few testimonials , I (Areesha) also gave a testimonial as I really love their day to night cream in Aloe Vera , it's moisturizer my skin in the long term and I had a really positive experience so I had to share it with everyone attending. Ms Alona at the end of my testimonial very kindly gave me a gift box which I'll post towards the end of my post.

Some other random shots I took at the workshop hehe , you can see them below:

The bite size snacks were from Le Chocolat and were delicious to say the least, I'm craving them all again!

Yummiest Cheesecake!
Brown bread with Tabouleh & Hammous

That's our awesome mum while we were waiting for our turn with Ms. Manal for consultation & recommendations on products we should use to improve our skin. She was honestly so helpful I can not compliment her enough MashaAllah one of the sweetest people I've met like in the first time she made us feel like she's known us for years! She had such a beautiful personality inside out.

Below pictured is the team who had hosted her and the lovely Bottega Verde staff. Once again we thank Ms. Bharti and Ms. Alona for inviting us to the workshop,we got to learn some basics that we weren't aware of earlier and so much more! It was an evening well spent. Will keep you all posted about future workshops by them.

Mum got the below goodies and the silver box is what was very sweetly gifted to me by the Bottega Verde staff!

We shall post the contents of the goodie box and gift in the next post, So stay tuned!

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters 

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