Launch Party of Barrel & Drum!


The set up in the backyard.
Assalam alaikum everyone,

This post is about the inaugural launch party of Barrel & Drum , who have introduced a range of wooden sunglasses , it's a concept set up by a group of young design professionals as a means to introduce contemporary and eco-friendly eye wear to the middle easy! 

Without further a due , let me begin by telling you their first collection has been named  "The Classic Collection" as it has timeless styles, four different types to be precise although they shall be introducing more, a few months later.

As you can see below are the ones available in "The Classic Collection": 

Bamboo Wayfarer.
Zebra Wood
Wayfarer from another display.
Black Sandal Wayfarer
Ebony Wood Metal Rimless - Cat Eye.
As you can see from the pictures of the frames there is something for people from all walks of life!
Below are a few pictures of the Ezmeel Branch and set up of it where the launch was held and they have this collection stocked.

The setup.
Another angle toward the right side of the shop.

Hair Accessories.
Loved this corner.

Below, you can see the arrangement done outside there was live music by a local band as well as snacks and seating area for the guests, me and my brother found it very amusing and out of the box applaud the team for the creativity.

from my Snapchat.
Carrom board and palettes set up for guests.
Another snap to tempt them!
Very cute!
Delish Snacks.
Overall, after a hectic day at work it was lovely to visit and see the collection , try it, take lots of selfies and importantly meet up with everyone from Obai & Hill as well as a few lovely bloggers I'd been wanting to meet for really long , I'm glad I attended.

The crowd.
Barrel and Drum sunglasses are available to be purchased online at and physically they're available at three locations:First: Ezmeel in Riyadat Mall, Aali, Bahrain.Second:  Dukkan3 , Al Riwaq, Adliya.Third: Green Diamond Bahrain, Seef Mall.
Do check them out and get your pair today! You can follow them on Instagram @barrelanddrum.

Our Little Brother rocking the Wayfarers!
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Till the next post, Take Care!
The Syeda Sisters.

*Pictures not watermarked are not owned by us & information regarding Barrel & Drum has been collected from their website.

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