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Assalam Alaikum girls,

Today's post is all about henna designs done by both of us sisters on the occasion of a very close friend's wedding (who are like family) back last year (yes we know we're late). As you scroll down you'll see our experiments. Please let us know your comments on the designs, hope you enjoy this post! 

Designed by Omaimah.

Designed by Omaimah.
We love how fascinated kids are with henna these days , we were just like them and it just looks way more cuter on tiny hands.
Applied by Areesha like her signature design.

These were our best try's and it took us a while to do them some are our ideas some we got inspiration from Instagram one of our favorites is @maplemehndi we love her creative designs!

Designed by Omaimah.

Awesome Stains

The Stain.
Designed by Areesha.

These are the auntie's hands which Areesha took ages to decide what to design on, but they both were really patient and they liked it so Alhamdolillah

Recreated by Areesha from Maple Mehndi.
Everyone was so busy with the wedding , that we got to take pictures of the stains on the last day of the events or the stain was much darker at first.

Recreated by Areesha.

As you can see Omaimah's the more creative one , I push her and ask her on every step what to design , I can make them but just imagining the design is a huge task for me.
Recreated & designed by Omaimah.

This below is such a simple yet chic henna design for any occasion. MashaAllah.

Omaimah's creation last eid.
This below design came out beautifully , I couldn't find many pics of the after pics but these ones I had saved.

Omaimah designed the mandala & Areesha did the fingertips.

We have lots of henna designs still pending to be posted like from last year's Eid, let us know if you liked this and we shall post the next one sooner than later in sha Allah. 

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Till the next post, Keep trying henna designs & Smiling,
The Syeda Sisters

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