Color Fever: Nail Lacquer Review.


Assalam alaikum girls,

This is a short review of one of the shades we really like in my collection, we just felt like we should share it with you all.

Pink Fever

Packaging: Is a super cute addition to my other typical nail polish bottles collection, something different is always welcome. This shade is called Pink Fever in No.12.

Swatched: On nails can be seen below:
Normal light- unedited.
ReviewIt is very easy to apply dark shade so even in one coat, I got a pretty good finish. In two coats is what you can see in the images I've posted. The thing I like about this color is that it's versatile and goes with so many different colored outfits. The kind of classic shade has an old and modern twist to it which I love.

In tube light at home a little edited.

Price & Availability: It's available online :D Checked! with a price tag of Rs. 95/- only. 

That's all for this short review, if you guys have any questions regarding it I'll be more than happy to tell you. I give this ★★★ 5/5 stars & Recommend it.

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With Love,
The Syeda Sisters.

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