Annada 3rd Anniversary!


Assalamualaikum Ladies! 

Are you a scarf lover like us? Do you love collecting pretty scarfs and have a bunch of them locked up in your closet right now, let us introduce you to a Beautiful & Classy scarf line if you'd like to add something new to your collection, *wink*.

Yummy chocolate squares resembling the Annada 
scarf packaging and Saks Fifth Avenue logo.

Last month, Annada, a luxury scarf brand, had their 3rd Anniversary event at Saks Fifth Avenue, which we were lucky enough to attend and view their Mesmerizing Scarfs Vs Paintings exhibition. At this exhibitions each scarf made by Annada was presented next with their original paintings across the Saks fifth avenue VIP lounge that lit up the atmosphere(Seriously) and visitors were free to try on any of the scarfs and purchase them.

Annada was founded by two Sisters, Nada & Noor, whose love for elegance in fashion inspired them to create their own Scarf brand. The sisters believe that no matter what a Woman's style or dress code is, a scarf is the perfect accessory and with endless styling solutions it is remains a versatile accessory throughout time. The scarf is made with a specific print that exactly resembles a painting done by Artists for this main purpose.

Set up at the exhibition.
Ceiling Decor at the VIP club at Saks Fifth Avenue.
Beautiful gift boxes with your Annada scarfs

Annada teamed up with artists who created their signature paintings. Behind each painting, every artist has its own story/cause/message of love to tell. 
Annada claims to bring together beauty in art, fashion and romance.

Each scarf is made of purest, softest Silk that is hand checked by quality control before being shipped off to the retailer. 

"Circles of hope"
 by Artist Faika AlHassan
"Foog al nakhal" Above the palm trees
By Artist Nabeela Al Khayr. (Bottom)

Annada scarfs come in 3 different sizes, One big enough to wrap around yourself, a medium size, and a small square scarf perfect for tucking into your suits, yup even men can wear one, or perhaps wrapping around your wrist or a knot to add some statement to your bags! The way you style your Annada scarf is endless. Each Annada box comes with a paper with different ways you can wear your scarf! How convenient! Also if you want to accessorize your scarf a little more, Annada provides complimentary vintage scarf rings and pretty tassels to dazzle up your look.

"The Journey" by Artist Ghassan Muhsin.

Complimentary rings to go with  your Annada scarfs

This silk gives a luxurious touch and look & honestly we couldn't agree more after visiting their exhibition and personally seeing each and every scarf.

Omaimah having "Al Salam" by Artist Abbas AlMossawi.
Areesha also on the other side browsing away.

Showcase of different ways to style an Annada

"Faras" by Abbas AlMossawi.

One of the styled handbags.
Orange and Pomegranate Juice:)
The Annada scarf box with the paintings and descriptions.
The paintings and the message of the artist behind it.
Bottom left "Love is in the air" by Artish Sabina Al Gosaibi.
Beautiful message of Love ^_^.
"Touq al Hamama" by Artist Ebrahim AbyuSaad
We loved this piece because of its Calligraphy!
"I've got butterflies!"
 By Artist Nabeela Al Khayr
Complimentary tussles to be added
to the ends of the Scarves.

Prices start from BD 35 and goes a little bit above BD 100 depending on the size of your scarf and you can buy them at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bahrain or online at 

It was so nice to finally meet the Annada sisters, Nada & Noor. We loved the Scarf Vs. Painting idea, it was just GENIUS! 
We had a lovely time. Thank you for having us Annada team!

How was everyone's Eid this time? Hope you guys had a good time with your Family & friends, and ofcourse Barbecuing (Drool). May Allah accept the Hajj of all the pilgrims and bless us with prosperity, happiness & Paradise, Ameen! 

Lots of Love,
The Syeda Sisters.

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