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Asalamualaikum Sisters!

Summer's here, Finally? We're not so keen on welcoming summer. Maybe because we live in Middle East? The name of summer reminds us of the sweaty days and humid nights with the Air conditioners trying their best to keep us cool in this warm oven resembling heat. Hmm have we over exaggerated? Anyways, with summer comes the make up melting dilemma & nobody likes to put tonnes of makeup in this heat! So what's the solution?  BB Cream!

BB cream aka Beauty Balm or Blemish balm, is that perfect product that does the job of covering your pores , hiding those pink acne spots and gives you an even skin tone without getting that heavy or sticky feeling on your face! Some even come with an additional SPF protection! 

What's a better way to start summer than to Review a BB cream?? So today we are reviewing the All-in-one BB cream by The Body Shop, Shade 02 as recommended by TBS team.

So without further a due, let's begin!

Here is what it claims to do-

It’s make-up and skincare in one.
  • Adapts to your skin tone
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Even finish
  • 24-hour hydration
  • Non-clogging
  • Made with Marula oil

A very easy to use squeezable tube, can safely fit in to make up bag easily. It has a small opening so that helps in reducing squeezing out access cream. 

How to Apply?-

Squeeze two pea sized drops on the back of your palm and with your finger dot the BB cream all over your face specially around the uneven skin tone on your face. Then stroke your fingers in a single direction & spread the BB cream evenly all over your face. The reason we're mentioning to spread it in one direction rather than in a circular motion, is , this gives a more matte finishing. A YouTuber once said pretend your skin are  fish scales (eww) so you'll just move your fingers toward one side! Not the best example but proves the point yeah?
As explained above.
Spread in one direction.

The BB cream was off white color way different from our skin color as you can see in the images. Its consistency resembled to any other moisturizer/lotion but slightly runny. Tiny orange color balls/capsules, almost unnoticeable, burst to give the tint to our skin, yes, oompa loompa orange, but that's only stays for a few sec then it quickly neutralizes to beige and almost natural color! It didn't make our skin look cakey or white & felt super light on our skin. 

BB creams are tinted moisturizer, the purpose of the All-in-one BB cream by the body shop is to make you skin tone look even & natural, so don't expect it to make your skin look 3 x more fairer & unnatural. Although BB cream manufactured in the east( where the craze of BB cream began) aim is to create a dewy glow to your skin.

Spread it evenly on your skin in one direction.
After you spread it, what you will see in daylight.
The Golden tint showing up away from direct sunlight .

The cream adjusting to my skin tone.
Final Smooth finish look.
Also it stayed on for quite longer than expected, 4-5 hrs is not bad at all!
Overall we loved the All-in-one BB cream by the body shop as it did the job for us. However the All-in-one BB cream doesn't have an SPF protection & does release watery liquid if not used often which can be fixed by giving it a quick shake and placing it in your refrigerator during summer.


The Body Shop All-in-one BB cream is available across all TBS outlets & is available in 3 shades : 01/ 02/ 03. Shade 02 did the job for us! But if you're not sure about which one suits you best don't hesitate to ask The Body Shop staff for help! :) 
You can get your 25 ml squeezable tube for BD. 10 &
You can check out the description and a how-to video by clicking-> All-in-one BB cream . Also check out their Vitamin E BB cream  Tea Tree BB cream .

The Body Shop's Tea Tree BB Cream is available online at JUST4GIRLS.PK this is a site we rely on for amazing customer care and speedy delivery and genuine products. 

Rating -★★★★★ 5/5 

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The Syeda Sisters.

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